Okoko Cosmétiques is a niche luxury brand that provides clean beauty solutions to help you achieve optimal skin health and to improving real skin issues. We specialize in anti-pollution + brightening skincare that addresses skin clarity, fine lines, complexion and brightness. The Okoko skincare line was created, developed and formulated by Professional Formulator Oyéta Catherine Kokoroko. Our entire line is designed to help the skin cope with the effects of pollution in today's world to reveal a happy complexion.


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" My customer feedback is they want innovation and more results and they want natural and green products…essentially “next level” luxury green beauty. And we are dedicated to provide them exactly that."
Up Close & Personal with Oyéta Catherine – Founder of OKOKO Cosmétiques
Green Chic Girl
"Danielle shares her experience using L'Élixir de Pureté, Sang du Dragon serum and how it helped clear her skin and clarifiy her complexion."
OKOKO Dragon's Blood review (New November 2017)
Danielle, Crueltyfree Vegan Beauty
"Although the original formulas were was already fantastic, Oyéta has outdone herself with the new boosted versions. For example, the elevated Sang du Dragon is a brilliant trouble tamer; I have never experienced anything like it before or since. The mix of skin-beneficial actives is breathtaking and reflects the handiwork of a true master formulator. "
The Beauty Librarian
"This facial balm contains natural phytosterols and bisabolol for barrier protection and regeneration. It is made with exotic oils and butters, including rare and precious tomato oil which is rich in lycopene and can moisturise, soften and protect the skin.""
The experts’ edit of the best products to boost your skin barrier
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Review of L'Élixir de Pureté, Sang Du Dragon on Cs Beauty Blog
"My experience with this serum is fantastic. It's so easy to use, a few drops on a cotton pad and swiping it over skin is all it takes (and leave it on overnight). It removes all of my dead, dry skin, and makes my skin completely smooth!"
Okoko Cosmetiques – L’Elixir de Clarte and Sublime Balm
Okoko Cosmetiques – L’Elixir de Clarte and Sublime Balm
"This serum is the first ever product for which I can honestly say « wow, the results are absolutely amazing ». Green beauty or not. My forehead has become super smooth and free of any irregularities, roughness or micro things that looked embedded in my skin ; I’ve had one spot on my jaw since the end of May, that disappeared literally in 36 hours, with both serums by @okokocosmetiques Honestly, this Dragon’s Blood elixir is indeed a luxurious item and product..."
Review, L'élixir de Pureté, Sang Du Dragon (Dragon’s Blood Serum)
"What lingers after my conversation with Ms. Kokoroko is her passion for excellence, her desire to unite foes for good, and her drive to elevate green beauty to its highest performance yet. As our interview reveals, Ms. Kokoroko is ready to take part in the future of green beauty. "
"With my experience with Okoko Cosmétiques, I am sure it is made with a unique combination of only the finest ingredients. The scent is clean and has a light floral aroma with a hint of baby powder freshness. The color is gorgeous with very tiny shimmer particles. I am looking forward to the official release of this beautiful oil."
Okoko Cosmétiques Trésor Perfume Body Oil
"I recently partnered up with a new brand – Okoko Cosmetiques – and that seemed like divine intervention! Because, let me tell you, this brand is something SERIOUSLY special and it couldn’t be more perfect for upcoming spring ♥"
Spring Skincare | Okoko Cosmetiques Review
Okoko Cosmetiques
Okoko Cosmetiques by Danielle Torres
"Okoko’s products always manage to wedge their way into my daily skincare routine as must-have staples... Every time I use Sublime I’m still wow’ed by how glowing and illuminated my skin looks where applied. ""
Green by Mercy Blog
"This exfoliating toner has totally renewed my skin and has changed the way that other skincare products behave on my skin as well. It’s a staple and a must-have in my skincare collection and to boot it provides the ultimate aromatherapy experience with its delectable vanilla scent."
Green by Mercy Blog
Okoko Cosmetiques Review
A Whole Lotta Lovely all things green beauty
Graduate Success Story: Oyéta Kokoroko launches Okoko Cosmetiques
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Okoko Cosmétiques Product review by Tricia Savino
Get Your Glow On With Okoko Cosmétiques - August 04, 2016
Okoko Cosmétiques on "My vanity treasures" blog
Okoko Cosmétiques Skin Brightening L'ÉLIXIR DE CLARTÉ review + interview - July 07, 2016
Okoko Cosmétiques Products review
Okoko Cosmétiques Products review - June 27, 2016
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The sublime multi purpose radiance balm from @okokocosmetiques is such a dreamy product. Just the scent alone- like a chocolate orange treat is enough to captivate you. I use this to cleanse my face sometimes and my favorite way to use it is to seal in the @okokocosmetiques les 16 precieux ultimate oil serum for an extra dose of moisture and nourishment. Have you tried sublime? It definitely lives up to its name. "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I've been absolutely LOVING the @okokocosmetiques skincare range. I cleansed/masked with the Sublime Balm. Guys... just look at that color. It's phenomenal. #nofilter Using it as an intense moisture mask makes my skin feel baby soft. I next used the L'Élixir De Clarté (brightening skin concentrate) all over to help with the hyper pigmentation and melasma issues I have. Most of the products in the Okoko line are designed for brightening, radiance, and illumination and I find they do exactly that. I reach for these so much these days because I've seen such a profound difference in my skin."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I have been using this now for the past couple of weeks and am ❤️IN LOVE❤️--dare I say this is the best facial balm I have ever tried?! 🙌🏻 . This super rich balm has been added to my night time skincare routine and I have never felt my skin feel as soft as it has since using this product. It is a slightly thicker texture than other balms, and takes a bit to soak in, but when I wake up in the morning, I continue to be wowed by the smoothness and softness of my skin and how even toned and hydrated it is. My skin is calmer, has a smoother texture and looks crazy radiant! . The ingredient list is out of this world including exotic oils & butters like mango butter, raw cocoa butter, rare tomato oil, & carrot tissue oil to name a few--AND she doesn't stop there but also includes 3 super antioxidants in natural resveratrol, lycopene and beta-carotene to strengthen skin, repair, and help provide amazing anti aging benefits! "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I started using a collection of products from Okoko Cosmetiques a few weeks ago and my skin has changed in appearance almost entirely! It's nearly 100% clearer, smoother, and just has a more natural radiance and brightness than ever before. I'm so happy I've come across such a marvelous skincare brand that's also local and I plan to support it and continue using all these products for years to come! ☺️"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I started first with the Elixir de Clarté serum which I really enjoyed, especially since I have breakouts in my chin area. It seems to have controlled breakouts, and it's very gentle, my skin loves it. I recently included La Boue de beauté now, and I'm thrilled. It's a powerhouse! I also like to mix it with a face oil sometimes. it's just incredibly versatile." - LIZ of Smells Like A Green Spirit "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Les 16 Precieux is a serum containing 16 precious oils and extracts, some of which are marula, rosehip, carrot maceration, seabuckthorn, prickly seed oil etc. that are supposed to help fade scars, age spots and blemishes. This I actually got to really put to test, since my toddler accidentally scratched a chunk of skin off my face. I've been using this combination Les 16 Précieux + Elixir de Clarté, plus a more concentrated dab of the serum alone on the scratch. It has healed and faded surprisingly quick, so I'm super impressed. In addition, the color and scent is just exquisite. I can honestly say this is the most luxurious feeling oil I have used to date. Huge thumbs up to Okoko Cosmetiques. "
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