Brand DNA-How does your product or service benefit your customer

One of the most important aspects of having a strong Brand DNA is having a clear understanding of how your product or service benefits your customer?

Immediately we tend to think of the actual product or service and what it does, but go beyond this and think about how else it may benefit your customer.

Ask yourself if it solves a problem, does it bring a sense of satisfaction, fulfill a craving, come with a sense of security or offer a unique experience or look? All of these things are very relevant questions to ask yourself when building and maintaining a solid brand DNA.

When you look at a brand such as Okoko Cosmetiques, we have built strong points of how our brand benefits our customers.

  • We are a high-performance brand that is seen as a solution oriented organic skincare brand for problems such as the appearance of acne, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness/dryness, hyper-pigmentation and environmental defence using natural ingredients
  • We assure our eco-conscious consumers that we are vegan certified and use ethically sourced ingredients 
  • We offer an elevated spa like experience in the comfort of home with decadent aromas, rich and vibrant textures and colour
  • Our customers feel radiant, beautiful and special using products that come in luxurious packaging and are meticulously made with care

All of these points of Okoko’s brand DNA benefits our customers in ways outside of just using skincare that cleanses and moisturizes. Our customers identify these benefits and feelings with our brand and enjoy the physical results of our line. They have a positive affinity with how Okoko makes them feel through the Okoko experience of using the products and the commitment we take to be eco-conscious and transparent, which is a value based connection.

When you’re constructing your brand, products and services you have to put yourself in the mind and shoes of the ideal customer and picture exactly HOW your line and brand brings added value that will make them consider you and keep coming back for more.

How your customers benefit from your services or products in a unique way will identify you and distinguish you from the crowd. Each person is looking for distinct benefits and once you identify how your services are needed and provide that for your consumer, you need to communicate that in your branding and marketing.

Here are some other examples of how different lines are perceived to provide unique benefits to different customers:

  • Family oriented- A line that benefits families by providing convenience for everyone by making it accessible and easy to use
  • Elevated and Age Defying- A line that benefits a mature sophisticated woman because of the specific age defying ingredients such as Retinol, AHA, Hyaluronic Acid, that will provide results and is presented in a luxurious package that makes her feel exquisite.
  • Healing and Earth Friendly- A line that benefits a young eco-conscious adult dealing with inflammation because it contains potent plant botanical ingredients that calm irritated skin and are grown in local organic gardens. 
  • Minimalism and unscented- A line that benefits a busy professional man that has sensitivities to fragrance and saves him time by reducing various steps, he wants an easy skincare routine without the fuss yet is effective.

You can see how each of these different lines provide unique benefits to specific needs and desires that may not always be about their actual skin but they are also addressing their values and lifestyles as a whole.