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Professional Skincare Formulation training with Formula Botanica - A Review

by Oyeta Kokoroko 22 Feb 2023

In this post, I decided to share my experience studying with Formula Botanica and how it helped me launch a successful beauty brand with a lot of great feedback. Creating beauty products that truly work is my passion. Formula Botanica provided me with the solid training needed to create gorgeous skincare products that people love.


I started a few years ago as a DIY’er/home formulator. I eventually upgraded from self-taught skincare formulator to professional skincare formulator by intensive study with Formula Botanica. My initial goal was to create formulas that work, that I could sell and that were safe for my customers. Initially I fell in love with their free tutorials (which I found quickly became addictive), and before you know it, I was enrolled in their complete International Organic Skincare Entrepreneur Program where I enjoyed fun and challenging courses and gained priceless knowledge about the industry.

The Formula Botanica program helped me immensely, giving me the confidence to:

  • make products
  • learn the process of developing cosmetics
  • be aware of safety guidelines
  • learn the benefits of using raw cosmetics materials, and
  • experiment with hundreds of ingredients to develop my formulations.

The course is very well structured, relevant to the whole industry and developed to a standard that I haven’t found anywhere else.

Since graduating, the products I have formulated have been really well received. Check out what happened in our first year and what people are saying about Okoko here.

The highlights of my experience with Formula Botanica include:

The quality of training

Courses are well-structured ranging from a base course (for those who have no background in skincare formulation, I recommend you enroll in the Diploma course first) to advanced formulation courses that allow you to create hot skincare that stands out. This course was well worth it, and all of the hours and effort you put in will pay off. At the end f the training you will have:

  • Learned the process of creating a cosmetic (understanding raw materials and their properties, how to formulate facial/body skincare products and follow good manufacturing practice)
  • Learned the new areas of formulation
  • Formulated professional grade cosmetics
  • Envisioned your formulations on store shelves
  • Learned cosmetic preservation, testing and how to comply with legal requirements and laws

Great support by the staff and students to elevate your formulations

The course is extremely well-organized and help is always available from experienced industry professionals such as cosmetic chemist, tutors, etc. Not only do they have great tutors, but you get free tutorials and lessons before enrolling which are easily accessed (and as I noted above, highly addictive! Consider yourself warned lol!). And a ton of resources are available such as suppliers information, research information and more to make your job easier. I have always appreciated the amazing feedback, formulation challenges and assignments given to the students on a regular basis.

 Continuing education and post-graduate support

Formula Botanica provides amazing support for graduates! Lorraine, the program Director, and Formula Botanica are truly committed to helping their graduates share their creations with the world. Check out a few blog posts they have written about my fellow graduates that create fantastic cosmetics, including: Lil Fox, Masla Skincare, R Devine Skincare and most recently Nesara by the lovely Nicky Lamba.

In November 2016, I had the huge pleasure of attending Formula Botanica’s annual conference in London. It was amazing to meet my fellow passionate formulators and entrepreneurs in person. And I was incredibly excited to receive my apron (so Beautiful!)

Thank you so much for your commitment and professionalism Formula Botanica! You gave me the tools to build my brand. 

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