How my investment in Formula Botanica Skincare Entrepreneur program enabled me to successfully launch my business

September 12, 2018

How my investment in Formula Botanica Skincare Entrepreneur program enabled me to successfully launch my business

After taking their Skincare Entrepreneur program and loving the quality of the education and how it gave me confidence as a formulator, I decided to work with Formula Botanica students and graduates in Vancouver to help grow my business.

The program will give you a strong foundation in ingredients, product formulation, advanced formulation, the use of cosmeceuticals, stability testing and the science behind natural skincare.

What I was able to do with the training that I received

I felt so confident with the training that as my business started to grow more, I decided to enroll my team members in the course as well, and later, we decided to hire FB grads to come work with us as interns. So basically, by empowering one person, Formula Botanica has generated the opportunity to empower yet more people…I have no doubt that each graduate will in their turn inspire others.

Our internship experience so far 

Okoko has had two successful internship programs: We worked with Elitsa and Ula. Elitsa is a graduate who joined us briefly during Summer 2018 and was my first intern.  She helped us to understand how important company culture is and contributed to our daily activities before leaving us too soon to travel to Europe. I enjoyed chatting skincare and formulation with Elitsa and getting her involved in production. She was organized and efficient in her work inspiring the team to be same and we learned a lot from working with her.

 Ula joined us a bit later for a Summer internship. She actually got to spend more time with us due to our schedules. In Ula I found an inspiring woman, multi-talented and incredibly visionary... I greatly enjoyed exchanging our knowledge and skills and I think we both parted company very happy. By the way did you know that this lady is a great formulator, world-class photographer that offers green beauty brand consultation as well ? Check out her website  here

Every internship is different, but to me, every brand that is in a position to have interns, should invite them… It is one of the most rewarding experiences you can share and everyone benefits and learns from it. We learn about ourselves, interpersonal relationships, management, leadership and so much more…  

Developing Leadership and management skills

During Ula’s internship, I wanted everyone to get a chance to experience the responsibility and energy required to run a start-up entrepreneurial organic skin care business (i.e., by stepping out of your comfort zone you learn to develop different skills and find new strengths). I invited each team member to take my place once a week to help trigger development of skills that will be useful to them as they grow or in their future business(es!). We all came out energized, inspired and strengthened by these two collaborations.

Because I wanted to achieve excellence in Okoko products, it was important to me to have my team go through the same training that I received at Formula Botanica, which is still in progress and we are learning lots. I am grateful to have a talented team and for their contribution everyday at Okoko Cosmétiques. 


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