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Premium, Avant-Garde, High-Performance Natural Skincare
Based in Vancouver, Canada, OKOKO Cosmétiques is an avant-garde, luxury skincare brand that design next-level natural skincare.

The brand offers high-performance green luxury products that are designed to tackle frustrating skin problems and visibly improve the look of skin. Each product blends exquisite botanical ingredients with high-performance botanical ingredients to help reveal a fresh and renewed complexion.

Our mission is characterized by transparency in labeling, clean ingredients and an environmentally-conscious ethos that includes everything from sourcing to production.
We design for savvy and discerning consumers that are selective about the ingredients in their facial skin care products. The products address the needs of problematic skin, skin clarity, hydration, damaged skin and help reduce signs of aging. Okoko’s goals is excellence in product formulation, an amazing experience and beautiful, visible results.
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As skin care continues to evolve we aim to stay on the cutting edge of
advancements and pioneer in the green beauty industry in advanced formulations
and developments. We invest extensive hours in R & D to come up with amazingly effective products that are exciting, luxurious and elegant, and formulas that are
based on customers needs, feedback and desires. Watch our new narrated video: the making of the Sublime balm (behind the scenes).
Our range of products has been upgraded with even more innovative and specialized ingredients and actives.
At Okoko Cosmétiques, we design to provide the most advanced organic formulations and allow for our customers to continually obtain the best results using the most effective precious ingredients. Through continuous research and development, we have added components that boost efficacy, utilize the highest grade of ingredients, maximize the artisanal craftsmanship of our products and appeal to the savvy and discerning green beauty consumer.
Our ingredients :
Fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced locally and abroad
Our skincare line is made of ingredients such as Canadian glacial clay, moringa extract, pomegranate extract, bakuchiol, calendula CO2, Dragon’s Blood resin and willow bark extract, all carefully sourced locally and abroad from trusted suppliers that do not conduct animal testing. Okoko Cosmétiques is a cruelty-free approved brand by Leaping Bunny. This means that we do not test on animals. Also, our base line of products is EU certified which means that our products meet the strict European safety. Our ingredients are plants-based, certified organic or wild harvested, sustainable, fair trade whenever possible and ethical.
What sets us apart?
At Okoko Cosmétiques, we pride ourselves in our formulation abilities and getting creative. Understanding cosmetic science, product formulation, GMP and sourcing allows us to deliver fresh, potent and highly effective skincare.

We want to provide more variety in our niche, and believe in creating great products, based on intelligent formulas that are purposeful and useful. We don't use "gimmicks" in our formulas, "trendy ingredients" or exaggerated claims.

(However, we do use fresh, high-quality, rare and precious ingredients that have been used traditionally from different communities around the world and that possess numerous benefits for the skin).

We always select our foundation ingredients, functional ingredients and high-performance botanicals with care and purpose. Synergy, efficacy and quality matter. Our products provide multi-faceted benefits, simplify your skincare routine and each ingredient is meticulously selected and researched so our products soothe, detox, rejuvenate, nourish, fortify and provide glow and radiance.

Our skincare line attends to those who like skincare that is nourishing, high-performance, with interesting textures, evidence-based ingredients and a delicate scent. Skincare that is innovative, results-oriented with a hint of sophistication...
Our commitment
Your precious skin deserves only the Finest. What we use:
• Pure, spa-quality clays to cleanse & purify
• Botanical oils (organic prickly pear, seabuckthorn, argan, rosehip, baobab oil, etc.), rich in essential fatty acids,
omegas & antioxidants
• High % of tested, tried & proven multi-functional ingredients to enhance results
• Charcoal (to purify and detoxify)
• Enzymes
• Fermented ingredients
• Natural retinol
• Low dose therapeutic & organic
essential oils
• Fruit acids (extracted from blueberries, sugar cane, and citrus; these consists of a blend of glycolic, lactic acid and citric acid to exfoliate and illuminate the complexion)
• Natural fragrances
We do not use:
• Fillers
• Irritating, harsh or controversial preservatives
• Parabens
• Phenoxyethanol
• Phthalates
• Petroleum
• Pesticides
• Hydroquinone
• Dyes, artificial fragrances
• Animal derived ingredients
(our products are vegetarian/vegan friendly)
• Our products never contain any of
the cosmetic ingredients banned for use in the United States, European Union,
Canada or Japan
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