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Oyéta Kokoroko is the Founder & CEO of Okoko Cosmétiques - an award-winning and high-performance luxury green brand based in Vancouver. She is a certified natural cosmetic formulator (qualifying with 10 years of experience), a product designer & creator of eco-luxury cosmetics raised in Montréal, Canada. Oyéta moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2016 and founded Okoko Cosmétiques to offer a range of natural skincare that is innovative; formulated intelligently with a conscious premium ingredient selection; results-focused; and that works to beautify and rejuvenate skin.

Oyéta initially pursued studies in holistic nutrition & herbal medicine in Montreal. She vastly improved her own skin health with her newfound wellness knowledge, overhauling both her diet and beauty bag of mainstream brands. She started creating natural equivalents to the mainstream serums she had used to alleviate acne prone/problematic skin, dryness, dark spots and skin sensitivity concerns. She combined plant-based ingredients with evidence-based antioxidants and premium oils and the like for her own use, and gifted samples to friends. When requests for her formulations kept pouring in, she decided to pursue more formal training and education in cosmetology, cosmetic science and organic skincare formulation. She launched OKOKO in 2016, and hasn’t looked back.

The Okoko line combines several of her favourite ingredients which join forces to offer her customers exceptional experiences intended to enhance well-being and nourish skin on a daily basis. Each product is like a "treatment" and designed to assist today's modern consumer with their skincare goals, naturally.

She says: "A few years ago, we did not see many high-performance, innovative skincare in green beauty. Inspired by innovation, R & D and being skilled at technical product formulation, I saw a niche for high-end formulas that are next-level, and more results driven.

Our signature Okoko products are formulated to bring glow and radiance for dry to mature skin subject to modern day stressors. The products enhance self-care and well-being with their beautiful textures and delicate scents.

My Journey...

The Okoko brand is built on 5 core values that have sustained me in my own journey

Hard work, Dedication, Innovation, Resilience, and Excellence


Little me when I first moved to Canada


I started formulating and making beauty products, tinctures, ointments and medicinal products while studying herbal medicine and then designed the original Okoko logo which translate as Okoko Organic Cosmetics Products


I officially labelled my first Okoko products (with the old logo) which included soaps, lip balms, body scrubs and lotions. This is when I discovered my passion for formulating natural skincare products...


Honed my formulation skills by getting certified and graduating from Formula Botanica International Skincare Entrepreneur Program


Okoko Cosmétiques is born. It was my first business and first launch. My creations later won many beauty awards and Okoko became recognized as a proud innovator in the green beauty arena


Published my first e-book where I teach how to demystify cosmetics labels & understand what you are buying


In January 2021, we opened L'Atelier Okoko - Okoko Cosmétiques' concept store


Okoko Cosmétiques launches at Goop - a big win for the Okoko brand!

Certifications in Cosmetic Formulations

Oyéta's Award-Winning Creations

As Chief Formulator at Okoko Cosmétiques, my goal is to create signature Okoko products for our worldwide clientele, helping them to see visible results and enjoy a moment of self-care...

Some Of Oyéta's Favourite Ingredients

"I like to formulate with..."

Fermented Willow Bark

Willow bark extract is a popular ingredient found in almost every Okoko products. It is definitely a favorite for me! It has a mild exfoliating effect, helps to unclog pores and reduce the appearance of blemishes. We use various forms of willow bark extract such as the powder form, oil soluble extract and water soluble extracts because of its proven antibacterial properties. Willow bark also helps to reduce congestion and clogged pores by smoothing skin.

Sea buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn oil is one of the most rejuvenating and nutrient rich oils in skincare. It is rich in beta-carotene as well as vitamins B, C, D and E. Beta-carotene is a carotenoid that reveal an immediate glow and illuminates the complexion by helping to reduce the look of dull skin and under eye circles. Sea buckthorn oil reveals a sublime complexion and is extremely effective for dry and aging skin.

Calendula CO2

Calendula CO2 is a potent extract that has a dark green/brownish colour and is especially loaded with antioxidants. It is well known for its soothing and anti-aging properties. Perfect for sensitive skin. Calendula CO2 extract is amazingly effective, even at a very low dosage.

Blue Tansy

Powered by azulene, it is a powerful botanical ingredient that promotes the appearance of a calmed, healthier, and even skin. Aromatherapy practitioners praise its calming effects on sensitive skin. Blue tansy is popular in products destined to alleviate uncomfortable skin and reduces the appearance of irritation.

Vanilla Oleoresin

We use vanilla oleoresin as a base in our line. Vanilla oleoresin imparts a luxurious and delectable scent to our formulations.



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Her expertise ranges from small batch manufacturing and creating systems to practical formulation, R & D (innovating formulas), branding, e-commerce marketing, business finances and analytics, etc. Additionally, Oyéta offers private consulting for professional formulators, mentorship for beauty entrepreneurs, bespoke skincare and private labeling services for professional boutiques and spas.