(New) Secret Du Dragon -
Gel-to-milk Hydrating Mask
Uncover Okoko Cosmétiques new gel-to-milk mask elevates cleansing to a luxurious and nourishing ritual.

This innovative Dragon's Blood infused oily emulsion effortlessly melts away makeup and impurities, then transforms into milk upon contact with water, to hydrate and illuminate the complexion.

Made with Dragon's Blood extract, squalane, calming blue tansy, and papaya enzyme the silky formula nourishes skin, leaving it smooth, soft, clean and comfortable.
Purifying detox mask -
A perfect indulgence after a long tiring day and when all you want to do is - unwind with a deep cleansing session!

This rich, decadent facial treatment works to deep cleanse, purify, rejuvenate and revitalize, bringing a new, glowing radiance to your skin.

Charcoal, antioxidant-rich cacao, MSM, spirulina, chlorella, Canadian glacial marine clay, willow bark and moringa powder coalesce to provide a rich, luxurious and potent treat for the skin and
the senses!
Gentle Facial Treatment ( the "beauty mud" with rose, macadamia & bamboo)
Have you ever tried a soothing, brightening clay mask infused with exquisite macadamia oil to moisturize and carefully selected essential
oils with a soothing and refreshing aroma? This silky beauty mud is a powerhouse blend of 23 active ingredients that will help lift impurities
and revitalize dull skin. LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ (the beauty mud)is a gentle face mask and scrub that works to brighten, soften, exfoliate,
and refine skin leaving it clear, smooth and more evenly toned. What’s more this mask allows a better penetration of your precious serums and
actives to follow which will be better absorbed and utilized.
Tomato Lycopene Multi-Purpose SUBLIME balm
Discover the new Sublime balm with AHA. It's a brilliant multi-purpose radiance balm for various
issues associated with dry and dehydrated skin. Use it as a masque, moisturizer or night balm. Sublime is made with rare and precious tomato
oil (rich in lycopene), fermented willow bark, youth-enhancing argan oil, pomegranate sterols and infused with the world's most powerful
antioxidant: astaxanthin. Using Sublime Balm in your skincare routine will yield fantastic results: hydrating, soothing, smoothing, brightening, and rejuvenating.