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How To Bring Our Your Aging Skin's Natural Beauty At 35,45,55 And Beyond

1. Hydrate

Skin loses a lot of moisture as it ages. It is essential to keep it hydrated to slow down the aging process as well as prevent it from looking dry.
This will also prevent wrinkles and fine lines from occurring.The use of hydrating balms, lotions and cleansers will prove to be effective as well.

2. Cleanse and exfoliate

As your skin gets drier, cleansing and exfoliating become more essential. Use a creamy cleanser formulated specially for dry skin and make sure to exfoliate every week. Stay away from drying soaps and invest in an ultra hydrating moisturizer.

3. Use a day/night cream

Your skin will also start to sag with age. It is recommended to use day and night creams in your skincare routine to lock in moisture that prevents sagging. Continuous application of a day and night cream will make your skin firmer over time. You might want to gently massage it on your face regularly for a better effect.

4. Use lukewarm water

It is vital to discontinue the use of hot water as hot water causes premature aging and dryness. Hot water leaves your skin dry and flaky and makes it look older. Switch to lukewarm water when washing for cleansing your face. Warm water, as opposed to hot water, provides moisture to the skin..

5. Wear Sunscreen

Damage caused by the sun is the leading cause for wrinkled skin. The benefits of wearing sun screen cannot be stressed enough. The damage caused by sun exposure only becomes more apparent as you get older. It’s never too late to start though. Wearing sunscreen will lock the moisture in and prevent your skin from drying out. This will give your skin a healthy look.

Is there a woman who hasn't searched for green-beauty skincare solutions which actually work?

The whole idea behind OKOKO! is combining the best of nature + science to create the most advanced natural skincare

Okoko researches, develops and creates plant-based products using certified-organic ingredients combined with evidence-based, high-performance botanicals that are backed by academic research to deliver powerful results.

Forbes & Goop are OKOKO lovers!

OKOKO! is the sound of a revolution in the skincare space.

Their promise consumers: nature-derived, beautiful ingredients that are safe, devoid of concerns and astonishingly effective. No controversial ingredients, cheap fillers, or exaggerated claims in their skincare. From botanical extracts to exquisite oils, the OKOKO range is rich in high-performance ingredients carefully selected for their hydrating, brightening, age-defying, anti-pollution, exfoliating and protective skin benefits..

Forbes & Goop believes in aging gracefully .

When asking Forbes magazine what are the "must have" beauty and wellness products for 2021, they recommended, Okoko Cosmetiques Sublime Balm.

When asking Goop what are their "beauty obessions", they were proud to recommend, Okoko Cosmetiques Sublime Balm.

Sublime Balm (multi-purpose beauty balm with tomato seed),OKOKO COSMETIQUES
Restore your skin's vitality and moisture levels with this vibrantly-hued, rich and creamy balm. Providing all-day hydration, this concentrated multi-purpose product is not only conveniently portable (as a 1 oz.jar) but can be used on the face, decollete, and hands. Composed of ingredients such as
You can use it as moisturizer, eye balm, mask, and, believe it not, cleanser, for morning or night.
Deep orange because it’s chock-full of sea buckthorn, carrots, and tomato-seed oil for lycopene, this is pure sunshine in a jar—and it looks like a little sun perched on the side of my sink. It gives your skin an instant healthy glow, moisturizes like crazy, and delivers antioxidant upon antioxidant.
Optimize your skin’s hydration levels with an all-natural face moisturizer that delivers sumptuous hydration in a richly whipped velvety texture with a delectable vanilla scent.
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Diamant Bleu
Helping your skin appear smooth, supple and radiant. Diamant Bleu is a precious, high dose calming, hydrating and clarifying cream to soothe and calm irritated complexions. It reduces redness and breakouts, comforting all skin types.
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"We believe in combining the best of nature + science to create the most advanced natural skincare”"
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Recognizing the skincare benefits of botanical ingredients is at the heart of OKOKO Cosmétiques. Through our research, product development and personal commitment, we create purposeful, results-driven luxury skincare products powered by innovation, dedication and transparency.

Our uncompromising demand for quality and passion for excellence enable us to deliver high-performance formulations with amazing textures leading to luxurious indulgences that promote healthy, hydrated and luminous skin.

Sublime Balm


Diamant Bleu


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At Okoko Cosmétiques, dedicates themselves to developing their own formulas and crafting their own products which allows them to control the making process from start to finish.Handcrafted by artisans trained and dedicated to the art of making luxury skincare using exclusive and premium ingredients.

In this way, highest standards for quality are met and your experience from unboxing their products to waking up the next day and seeing glowing results on your skin is a luxurious and unsurpassed experience, every day.

Sublime Balm


Diamant Bleu

Nature-derived, ingredients that are safe, devoid of concerns and astonishingly effective. No controversial ingredients, cheap fillers, or exaggerated claims.
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