Meet the team
A team of green beauty artisans
At Okoko Cosmétiques, we are committed to offering you incredible natural skincare products with amazing efficacy and performance.

We develop new skills through our work
Our team members have formulation knowledge, good interpersonal skills and are trained artisans. We empower our customers by sharing our expertise and knowledge through informative articles, personalized consultations and beauty/health workshops.
The Okoko team is internationally diverse and speak different languages including English, French, Spanish Hindi, Japanese and Bulgarian. We embrace our cultural and ethnic diversity and celebrate what makes each of us unique and what connects us as entrepreneurs and global visionaries.

Our company culture & values
" The values and company culture are so important within Okoko Cosmétiques. We value and cultivate authentic connection, sisterhood, dedication and excellence which is completely aligned with my personal values and outlook. I am extraordinarily grateful that I am surrounded with a team of strong, empowered,culturally diverse, passionate and fun women like Oyéta and Ginni. We want to encourage women all over the world to never give up and go for their dreams. " - Natalia
Meet the Founder: Oyéta Kokoroko
Oyéta Kokoroko is a professional cosmetic formulator specialized in green luxury skin care products. She loves researching, understanding and developing next-level formulas.

She founded Okoko Cosmétiques and the Okoko Academy, two platforms that promote the pursuit of inspiration, passion, knowledge and excellence. An eternal learner and researcher-at-heart, she is constantly looking for innovative solutions to skin care concerns.

Her first project, Okoko Cosmétiques was a self-financed effort launched in February 2016. Within the first year, the brand recouped its start-up investment and by the end of its second year total revenue had grown by over 500%. Okoko Cosmétiques currently retails out of online and brick-and-mortar boutiques in North America, Europe and Austral-Asia including Canada, USA, Finland, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Macau, and Australia, with more locations on the way.

Okoko Cosmétiques was inspired by the desire to offer hydrating regimes with a luxurious experience, high-quality products, fresh, premium ingredients, high-performance botanical extracts, advanced formulations and, most of all products that deliver visible results. Oyéta's hope with Okoko Cosmétiques is to grow a brand that will help to lead this new, exciting era of green luxury

Recently, she launched her second project: Okoko Academy ,a platform that provides strategy, consultancy and mentoring for indie beauty entrepreneurs. Learn about about Okoko Academy here.

Her third project,
The Connector is a collaborative networking and information website for savvy entrepreneurs. The Connector is a resourced-filled platform that includes technical articles, business advice and networking opportunities for consumers and brands.

Check out the resources on the Connector here.

Natalia Lavaggi
Production, Customer care
& Public relations
I knew that becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t going to be easy but I knew it’s what I wanted and still do! It was when I decided to take that leap of faith that I came across Okoko Cosmétiques while temporarily working with Ecodiva Beauty in Vancouver as a freelance skincare consultant and makeup artist in 2016.
Through social media I came across this incredible luxury organic local skincare brand and immediately reached out to Oyéta Kokoroko, the founder and owner of the Okoko Brand. I instantly connected with her warm personality, strong vision, passion for knowledge and natural approach to beauty from the inside out.

After recognizing the supreme quality of the formulas and performance of the Okoko line, I continued to collaborate with her freelancing until the opportunity came earlier this year to fully be a part of the amazing Okoko Cosmétiques Team as a certified skincare formulator.

I have to say that ever since embarking on this part of my journey with Okoko I have learned in incredible amount about myself and how to be a successful entrepreneur despite the challenges and fears one might face. This summer, I dedicated myself to obtain my Diploma in Skincare Formulation through Formula Botanica and it was completely worth it. The level of knowledge I have acquired through both the technical training and hands on application and work has been fantastic!

The values and company culture are so important within Okoko Cosmétiques. We value and cultivate authentic connection, sisterhood, dedication and excellence which is completely aligned with my personal values and outlook. I am extremely excited to share and invite you to join this ever growing vision that I have become a part of through Okoko Cosmétiques and my personal blog: Naturally Natalia.
Ginni Mehta
Executive assistant
Ginni has 9 years of corporate experience in content management, marketing and sales. Ambitious, experienced and goal driven administrative professional, highly organized and efficient in fast-paced multitasking environments. Exceptionally talented at team and project management, she pays attention to the Littlest of subtleties and overall execution.

Ginni has served in various roles and capacities in academic publishing for various educational institutes and brand development. She has worked with people from all over the world and is a strong believer in building cultural competency. Ginni’s personal mission is to ensure that she
turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.

Her educational background in Early Years Enrichment Diploma from London, as well as the Post-Graduation Diploma in Management from India, has given her a broad base to be a creative and resourceful content developer. Her work with special needs kids in Singapore helped her to be more passionate about society.

At Okoko Cosmétiques she will be providing administrative assistance to the CEO and contributing to our day-to-day business operations.
We are grateful for her organizational skills, enthusiasm and efficiency at work.
Justine Gerritsen Ostermann
Social Media Manager, Product Photographer & Networking Facilitator
Some of you already know me as « Pe.pi.tes » on Instagram. I created this account a few years ago when I wanted to share my two passions, photography and green beauty. It was (and still is...) an incredible
experience allowing me to meet passionate, inspiring and extraordinary people. Almost two years ago, I collaborated with Oyéta on a special edition of Trésor during Valentine's Day. I really had a lot of fun making photos for her and it made me want to continueto do so. An opportunity has come up to work with Okoko Cosmétiques as a
Social Media Manager and well, I did not hesitate!

My main tasks in this position will be to strengthen the visual identity of Okoko Cosmétiques, manage its various social media channels and develop The Connector platform. I will also be the lucky photographer of all pictures of Okoko Cosmétiques products you will see on the different social media and of course I will be interacting with all of you. I really look forward to expanding my skills within Okoko Cosmétiques and I am sure this will be an amazing journey!

What I really like about Okoko Cosmétiques is how Oyéta empowers other women, Indie brands and people in general. She will always find the best part of you and push it forward. She is so inspiring.

I am also a happy mum of two and our little tribe is passionate about travel and new discoveries.
Samantha Chan, Photographer
Samantha Chan is a Vancouver-based portrait photographer and graphic design student at Emily Carr University. Photography has been her main creative
outlet since 2015. Now 19 years old, she works as a freelancer outside of school hours. She mainly works in natural light, focusing on contrast and bold colours.
Enza Of UltraFine Design
Enza is a talented professional designer at Ultra Fine Design Studio. Based in Italy, she has collaborated with us since we launched. She has contributed to the creation of our new logo, label design as well as packaging and other promotional materials. We love working with her.

About Ultra Fine Design Studio:
Ultrafine Design Studio is a creative studio based in Venezia (Italy), working with local and international clients. We work with people who want to grow their brand, product or idea, no matter where you are or how small or big it is your project. We work to enter your world in order to provide you the most amazing and strategic graphic design. We provide solutions in terms ofgraphic identity, branding, packaging, webdesign, photography, art direction, and much more!