Our Process
What’s your process as a formulator?
From Oyeta's interview with Melissa Davis:

" I start with a need or a problem to solve and start imagining a
product to do it. I asked myself, what would be the benefits? How would
it feel on the skin, and what ingredients do I want? Then I will imagine
and develop my dream product that would do exactly that. I LOVE the
development phase because I get to experiment a lot and try different
combinations, textures, scents which is an incredible experience for a
beauty alchemist like me. I research ingredients and actives that can
help solve the problem, and then I determine through more research which
of these ingredients work well together. Then finally I formulate.
Because of all the thorough researching, it takes a year even many years
to formulate a product depending on its level of complexity. "

Check out my interview with Melissa Davis to find out more about our philosophy and mission. Read the full interview here.
Research & Development:
At OKOKO Cosmétiques, we are constantly investing in R & D to help our customers solve their skin concerns naturally. What you get is the knowledge behind each creation, the research (our findings) and clever formulas that can improve your skin
for the better.
Handmade exclusively for you
Each precious creation is lovingly handcrafted for your precious skin. Yes we do it all. We invent, develop our formulas and make each
products with love and care, exclusively for you. We do not outsource production. Products are made following strict GMP and we are proud to have full control over our ingredients selection, quality, and purity, so we can offer the finest that we can for you. Fresh, new batches are made weekly. Yes, it’s that good!
Our ingredients are vegan friendly and cruelty-free.
OKOKO Cosmétiques does NOT test on animals and we do not support suppliers that conduct such activities. We require MSDS and Certificate of Analysis from our suppliers to ensure the purity of our product, (that it is free of pesticides, contaminants, mold, fungusand it is the right product). Our ingredients are checked regularly for freshness and purity and we aim to develop a long-term relationship with our carefully selected suppliers around the world.
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