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"My mission is to help savvy, eco-conscious women to solve beauty issues by using effective and healthy products that can be enjoyed in those rare, precious peaceful moments & doing good by offering economic opportunities to eco-entrepreneurs and women-lead initiatives."
Oyeta, Founder
What does “Beauty with a Conscience” mean to Okoko?
At Okoko Cosmetique, we believe in beauty with a conscience. Our mission is to help solve beauty issues while uplifting the lives of different communities. While we love creating results oriented skincare products for our great eco-conscious community, we also love to empower others, give back and support a conscious, ethical trade. We believe in supporting small independent businesses such as eco-entrepreneurs in emerging countries, women-lead initiatives and green and sustainable-oriented companies. So here's what is important to us and how we differentiate ourselves:
Fair trade:
Not only do we use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible but we also believe in fair trade commerce and empowering the people we work with. We support people who grow, harvest and produce our raw materials by buying at fair trade prices and allowing them to reinvest and grow their businesses. For example, ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil, marula oil, baobab oil, spirulina and chlorella, to only name a few, are sourced from carefully selected suppliers from all over the world. 
Sustainability and giving back:
We want to support global development, green initiatives and emerging markets. For example, we recently initiated actions to get involved with the non-profit BDA Foundation (Biotechnology for Development in Africa) to support green entrepreneurs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. The foundation trains and devel­ops the future gen­er­a­tion of African eco­log­i­cal entre­pre­neurs. These “eco­pre­neurs” cul­ti­vate, har­vest and process highly value-added plants, known as botan­i­cals, for sale to local, regional and inter­na­tional mar­kets. Some of our upcoming new ingredients such as moringa oil, moringa powder and essential oils will be bought directly from these ecopreneurs to encourage and support their projects.
Empowering women:
We are committed to helping and empowering women in many ways such as: 
  • through the transfer of knowledge and education on simple, effective and healthy beauty.
  • breaking the stereo-type of "super model beauty" and promoting the diversity of true beauty/inner beauty across cultures and society. All women, all people are beautiful…
  • by offering economic opportunities to women-lead businesses and initiatives 
  •   Responsible packaging:

    We are committed to using: 

    • Responsible recyclable materials (our Miron Glass packaging can be recycled and re-used)
    • We are currently developing packaging and promotional materials sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
    • Finally, we desire to show respect to you, your skin and your beauty by making products that are vegan, cruelty-free and responsibly harvested.

    Let us know what beauty with a conscience means to you… We are constantly on the lookout for good causes, charities, foundations and outreach programs to support as we grow our business.

    Want to collaborate ?

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