Meet our team
About Oyéta
Bonjour! My name is Oyéta, founder, researcher, and (professionally trained) skincare formulator at OKOKO Cosmétiques. My passion is to create some of the finest natural skincare products that can answer my customers most important skincare needs. Find out more here.
About Siu-Ling
My name is Siu-Ling and I work in production, export and
sales with Okoko Cosmétiques. I have a background in supply chain management. I assist Oyéta in production, ordering raw materials and with all aspects of our wholesale division. I work with our wholesale partners to ensure that all export and import activities are successfully completed. I am also a Junior Formulator and Formula Botanica student. I am currently training to become a professional skincare formulator at Okoko Cosmétiques and I'm excited to evolve and be part of this great team. Read more here .
About Natalia
Hi, my name is Natalia Lavaggi and I am an organic beauty
consultant, brand ambassador and junior skincare formulator. Discover my journey to clean living here. At Okoko, I am responsible for social media marketing and am also involved in product training and workshops with Okoko. I am your go-to-girl if you have any questions regarding our products, and how to use them to obtain beautiful results. I love taking care of our wonderful customers.

I am extremely excited and proud to be a full
team member of Okoko Cosmétiques and am looking forward to learning about skincare formulation at Formula Botanica. This is something that will grow my confidence and knowledge of organic skincare formulation which is of such great value! I will certainly be sharing tips and answering more of your clean beauty inquiries as I learn from my colleagues and mentors. I can’t wait to share more... :)
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