Self-care with Okoko
Beauty and self-care is for everyone
Shot by Vancouver-based photographer Samantha Chan, the Okoko Cosmétiques new campaign features real people, that we have invited to enjoy an afternoon of self-care at our Atelier and by engaging them with products that deliver ultimate relaxation and care.

Heart-warming stories, words of wisdom, laughs and empowering messages where shared.
Our new campaign symbolizes inclusivity and diversity, key values for the Founder and her vision for the brand. We inspire people to be themselves, to embrace their natural beauty (in all its shapes, ages, sizes, hair color, ethinicities), we want to feature people of all walks of life and inspire them to enjoy those precious moments that are hard to find in today's busy world... #exuderadiance
Okoko Cosmétiques Story 1 - Did you have time for self-care? With Rosanne Swain