Ginni Mehta - General Manager

Born and raised in India, Ginni has over twelve years of corporate experience as an administrative professional with experience in management, marketing and sales. Ambitious, dynamic and goal driven, she likes to get things done, believes in high productivity, quality and maximizing team efficiency. At Okoko Cosmétiques, she oversees administrative duties, day-to-day business operations, account management, and making sure company goals are met.

Ginni works closely with the CEO to attend to important areas of the business and regularly greets our guests with a big smile on her face. We are grateful for her organizational skills, enthusiasm and efficiency at work. Ginni has lived and worked in countries such as Singapour, Malaysia, Australia and has worked with people from all over the world (building worldwide experience). She is a strong believer in building cultural competency. Her personal mission is to ensure that she turns her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.


“Being part of such a reputed company in the natural skincare industry like Okoko Cosmétiques and working with a dedicated team of artisans who believe in building cultural competencies, empowering customers with their knowledge and who are dedicated in their work is always a privilege. My role with Okoko has given me great opportunities to build a professional network, learn the ins and outs of the industry, overcome new challenges and expand my skill set. There's nothing I love more than when I am working with other engaged individuals towards a common goal, and achieving it together. That’s why I am excited to be part of Okoko Cosmétiques.”

Ginni highly values being of service and giving back to the community and has been an engaged volunteer (with special needs children) since living in Singapore. True to her values, she continues to volunteer in Vancouver by helping special education children with their school lessons during her spare time.

She is now the proud and happy mom of a wonderful baby girl!