Justine Gerritsen Ostermann
 - Social Media Manager, Product Photographer & Networking Facilitator

Justine brings her understanding of social media management and product photography to Okoko Cosmétiques social media platforms. Her main tasks in this position are to strengthen the visual identity of Okoko Cosmétiques and helping to manage its various social media channels.

"Some of you already know me as « Pe.pi.tes » on Instagram. I created this account a few years ago when I wanted to share my two passions, photography and green beauty. It was (and still is...) an incredible experience allowing me to meet passionate, inspiring and extraordinary people. Almost two years ago, I collaborated with Okoko Cosmétiques on a special edition for their Trésor collection during Valentine's Day. I really enjoyed this collaboration. An opportunity has come up to work with Okoko Cosmétiques as a Social Media Manager and well, I did not hesitate!"


“What I really like about Okoko Cosmétiques is how they empower other women, indie brands and people in general. Our founder knows how to unleash our inner talents which is incredibly inspiring.”


"I am also a happy mum of two and our little tribe is passionate about travel and new discoveries. I really look forward to expanding my skills within Okoko Cosmétiques and I am sure this will be an amazing journey!”