Oyéta Kokoroko - CEO & Cosmetic Formulator

Born in Togo and raised in Montréal, Oyéta Kokoroko is an experienced cosmetic formulator and product designer.

She moved to Vancouver, British Columbia Canada in 2016 and founded Okoko Cosmétiques with a passion to combine high-level formulation, luxurious textures and delicate scents to beautify and rejuvenate skin.

Oyéta is inspired by the spectacular mountains, exquisite fauna and extraordinary power of the Pacific Ocean that together define the lush nature of the West Coast rainforest. Her product formulations also benefit from her multicultural heritage and sophisticated French-Canadian style. The result is Okoko Cosmétiques, a brand known for “elevating” natural skincare that focuses on excellence in product formulation, sharing knowledge and advancing R & D. With her skincare, Oyéta aims to deliver distinctive, eco-luxurious products that are results-oriented, founded on innovative craftmanship and designed to assist today’s modern consumer with their skincare goals, naturally.


“With my brand, I want to show that great natural skincare that is elegant, innovative and results-oriented is possible. The Okoko brand is built on five core values that have sustained me in my own journey: hard work, dedication, innovation, resilience and excellence. As Chief Formulator at Okoko Cosmétiques, my goal is to create signature Okoko products for our worldwide clientele helping them to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered in their daily lives.”


The Okoko collection has won Oyéta many international fans and driven more market sector interest for results-focused, high-performance natural skincare products that combine multi-functional botanicals with the best evidence-based ingredients.

Oyéta works with partners in many countries including France, Macau, Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, Finland, Canada, the United States and New Zealand and frequently collaborates with other ethical brands, visual artists and influencers in the industry. This has given her good industry insight, elevated her brand internationally and given her a global platform which she uses to leverage other entrepreneurs and influencers who want to make an impact.

To connect, email: oyeta@okokocosmetiques.com.