Preservatives in skincare products

One of the most controversial ingredients used in natural skincare is the preservative. It’s been discussed many times whether or not it has a place in natural skincare formulas.

In this informative video, Natalia shares the light on the importance of preservatives in water containing products. Watch this video to learn more. 

La Perle - Prestige Edition Tutorial

Our new high-performance, hydrating bi-phase mist is formulated to help protect against oxidation due to environmental damage and renew radiance.

This advanced formula acts like a protective barrier on a daily basis, to guard skin against a variety of Environmental Stressors including pollution, UV and IR rays from the sun.

L'Élixir de Pureté - Prestige Edition Tutorial

This is a step by step how to video for L'ÉLIXIR DE PURETÉ.

It's a soft, lightweight water-based serum filled with a special combination of ingredients that protect against pollutants promoting skin to breathe for a fresher complexion and more invigorated looking skin. Your skin will look rejuvenated and luminous.

L’Elixer De Clarte Tutorial

Watch our new tutorial video to learn how to use Okoko Cosmetiques, L'ÉLIXIR DE CLARTÉ (skin brightening serum) for maximum benefits.

Do you have time for Self-Care?

We had such a wonderful privilege to sit down with Rosanne Swain, a mother of three and community leader for our self-care with Okoko new initiative.

As her children are all grown, we asked her to share her experience with self care and how that has shifted over the years.

How can women embrace natural beauty?

We had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Dani Fuentes, a gifted makeup artist and singer from Vancouver, Canada.

It was wonderful to hear how as a makeup she viewed beauty and what it means to her to enhance the beauty that is already intrinsically there in her clients. So we asked her, what does beauty mean to you? Watch to find out more!