White Label
Elevated Purifying & Clarifying Collection
The White Label signifies our first tier of elevated products. The main focus is clarifying and improving problematic skin. This collection uses high-performance ingredients known for their purifying properties like Sang du Dragon resin, niacinamide and manuka for example to help reduce the appearance of breakouts and reveal a clearer complexion.

Our white label collection is designed to decongest and cleanse the skin from toxins, reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation, clarify and provide glow and radiance. One of our best-sellers is L'Élixir de Pureté - Sang du Dragon (or the Dragon’s Blood serum) which is the answer to a lot of problems formulated into a luxe serum.

It reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, hydrates and has a firming effect. Our White Label helps all skin types cope in today's busy world.
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