Get your glow back with the brightening facial treatment set. Our luxury face mask LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ is made with an amazing blend of precious clays, antioxidant rich vitamin C & licorice to revive and illuminate your complexion instantly. This effective, concentrated formula has proven to be appreciated by all skin types (including sensitive skins). Enjoy a gentle, daily facial in the comfort of your home, a relaxing experience that will leave you with fresh, beautiful and youthful skin. It's so simple, so natural, so you.

Included is:

  1. Brightening face mask LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ 
  2. Handmade treatment bowl
  3. Complimentary bamboo charcoal & konjac sponge
  4. Complimentary treatment brush
  5. Complimentary bamboo spoon
Relax, refresh, recharge and take the time to rejuvenate. You deserve it.