Increase Skincare Penetration 100x with Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT Microneedle

In this article you'll learn how incorporating at home microneedling in your skin care routine can improve the penetration of your skin care products by up to 100x, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, improve circulation and even help support the healthy synthesis of collagen.Not all cosmetic rollers are created equally which is why we did our research and made sure to provide a high quality version from Environ which would provide all the benefits of microneedling without the risks of using the lower quality ones found online everywhere these days.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling enables for skincare to penetrate deeper into your skin by creating thousands of micro-channels using micro sized needles that act as access points for the penetration of skincare products and treatments. As you can see in the graphic below the tiny needles cause small canals in your skin that triggers the synthesis of collagen to repair the area with new cells and fibroblasts. As a result of creating these microchannels in the skin, you can increase subsequent skincare penetration by up to 100X!. That means that every skincare serum and high performance product you use will work even better which means even better value for your skincare routine, a win win!



Why did we choose the ENVIRON Cosmetic Roll-CIT?

At L'Atelier Okoko it's imperative to us that we offer the highest quality skincare products and complimentary instruments to ensure you get optimal benefits in your beauty routine and avoid unnecessary risk which is why we chose the Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT microneedle as a top choice for us to carry in our shop. As you'll learn, it has been created by verified industry leaders using high standards of quality and safety.

There are many cheaper at home microneedling devices that you can find online, but unfortunately these come with a risk of not being properly manufactured with the right type of metal and shape of needles. This unfortunately may result in cosmetic rollers that can cause micro tears/abrasions in the skin which may cause damage to the epidermis or even infections in severe cases.

The Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT was designed by one of the world's top dermatologist and plastic surgeon's Dr. Des Fernandes. He is a pioneer in his field and was one of the fist to successfully introduce Vitamin A and antioxidants in a cosmetic product in the 80's. This cosmetic roller is made using surgical steel grade metal, and is designed to effectively and gently penetrate your skin causing well shaped channels in your skin that enhances the efficacy of topical skincare products. The depth of each microneedle of this model is 0.1mm, which makes it a safe product to use without risking injury when properly used.

This great ergonomic design has a smooth action roller head which makes it very user friendly and requires very little pressure. With regular use these are the following benefits you can expect:

  • Reduction in appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and scars
  • Improve the look of uniformity in your skin texture on your face and neck.
  • Improve the look of hyper pigmentation and dark spots when combined with  the proper skincare
  • Improved absorption of skincare products by up to 100x
  • Supports synthesis of healthy collagen cells.

How to use the Cosmetic Roll-CIT

Please refer to chart below:

1. Start by using it twice a week and slowly increase to daily use to acclimate your skin to this type of cosmetic treatment.

2. Cleanse and tone your skin using the indicated skincare products for your skin type.

3. Divide your targeted areas into sections and roll each section horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for 3-5 minutes, using mild but firm pressure.

4. Follow up with the indicated serum for your skin type.We recommend the following Okoko Cosmetiques skincare products to use subsequently: L'Elixir De Purete  White/Red Label, Diamant Bleu White/Red Label Creams, Les 16 Precieux Black/Red Label Face Oil.

5. Rinse the roller with warm water before and after each use and cleanse weekly using rubbing alcohol.

Warnings and Instructions

  • Do not use on broken or inflamed skin e.g. acne or rosacea
  • If you are susceptible to ezcema or psoriasis please consult a medical professional 
  • Do not use on warts, broken capillaries, or birthmarks
  • Keep the product dry and stored properly to maintain the integrity of the microneedles
  • Use a mineral sunscreen to protect against UV rays

We're really excited to introduce this scientifically proven skincare tool to you and can't wait for you to see the improved results of your skincare routine.

If you'd like to learn more about the Environ Cosmetic Roll CIT please email us at customercare@okokocosmetiques.com.