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My mini-ritual using OKOKO products (by Shobhita)

Let's peek at Shobhita of the Green Chic Girl Blog favorite skincare ritual with OKOKO products. And she says: OKOKO products have worked for me on several levels. Not only do I feel they help in de-stressing and relaxing; they also provide a multitude of skincare benefits that are pretty discernible. So what's the best way or rather my favorite ritual with OKOKO products? Let's find out!
Whenever I get time to indulge, I begin my skincare ritual with a relaxing music along with a candle lit ambience! That really makes a difference and helps unwind and relax. (especially after a long and tiring day!)
Step 2: CLEANSE:
I absolutely love this step of the ritual. Many people go through this step in a hurried way. But cleansing at a relaxed pace and thoroughly massaging your face at this stage really helps in proper blood circulation of your skin and preps your skin for the subsequent ritual steps.
I begin my cleansing ritual with the vibrant multi-purpose Sublime balm! I take little balm in the palm of my hand; and before I begin massaging it to my face, I love inhaling the breathtaking aroma of the balm to calm my senses. Then I gradually massage this balm for 2-3 minutes that turns into a silky butter in contact with the skin. I just love it! (I let it sit for about 15-30 mins if I have time!) After massaging it thoroughly, I remove the balm with a warm damp washcloth. I love how this balm makes my skin smooth and oh-so soft.
Step 3: MASK:
If you need an instant glow, I highly suggest you try the OKOKO Cosmetiques LA D'TOX NOIRE aka The Radiance Mask! Made with charcoal,  MSM to purify, antioxidants rich superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, Canadian glacial marine clay, this mask leaves your skin feeling refreshed and smooth.
In my experience, this is one of the most potent masks. The very first thing I notice is the tingling sensation I feel immediately after applying it. I leave the mask for about 20-25 minutes. And once I rinse it off, I am completely floored to see how fresh and glowy my skin appears! The other thing worth mentioning here is that I am always surprised to see how easily the serums and oils absorbed into my skin after this step! 

Absolutely the best and probably the most powerful treatment serum I have come across in the green beauty industry - L'élixir De Clarté! Just couple of pumps on the cotton pad and I sweep it across my entire face and neck! That's all! Not only has this unique serum minimized the breakouts on my face, it has cleared and brightened my skin immensely. It's a strong way to put it but I think I'm "addicted" to this serum; and I don't think I'll ever be without it! ;)
I perform this step a little differently. First I take a little Sublime balm in the palm of my hand and before I mix the Les 16 Précieux Serum Oil to it, I lightly pat the Sublime balm as an eye treatment under my eyes and then apply the mixed concoction of Les 16 Précieux Serum and the Sublime all over my face. This mixed concoction smells absolutely divine (both Sublime balm and Les 16 Précieux have such mesmerizing fragrance); appears like an orange-colored emollient that blends beautifully and absorbs into my skin easily. The result is a healthy, hydrated, and glowy skin.