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R & D in Natural Skincare - The OKOKO Difference

Okoko R & D and Advanced Formulations in Natural Skincare
Our belief in combining the best of nature + science to create the most advanced natural skincare

Are you into natural skincare that uses premium ingredients while delivering professional results? At Okoko Cosmétiques, we create high-performing skin treats that reveal a natural radiance. One of the first things that sets us apart is our innovative formulations and the quality of our products. We research, develop and create our plants-based products using certified-organic ingredients combined with evidence-based, high-performance botanicals that are backed by academic research to deliver powerful results.

Why is R & D important for us?

We still don’t see as much innovation and extensive R & D in the green-beauty industry, and truly well researched formulas that are advanced and high-
performing as we see in the mainstream world. Products such as our new Diamant Bleu cream, L’Élixir de Manuka and La Perle, are great examples of high-performance formulations with extensive R & D behind them.

As an example: L’Élixir de Manuka contains typically known plants that are known for their antibacterial and calming feel (black cumin, sea buckthorn oils), and we have combined them with high performance botanicals such as manuka active concentrate and organic willow bark extract to increase its potency. Typically, you will not find this kind of combination in most clarifying face oils for rebellious skin or frustrating skin care problems. This is just one example of how we strive to bring more value by creating more advanced formulas that are well-studied and based on R & D for our discerning customers.

We understand the needs for customers with specific concerns to see products that use special plant-based ingredients to alleviate their skin issues, so this has inspired us to make R & D in natural skincare our focus and one of our main points of differentiation. Our formulas include fresh, premium and high-performing botanicals that are well-researched and studied. Okoko believes in combining the best of nature + science and focuses on R & D to develop the highest quality products that perform and that address our customers' concerns.

How we incorporate R & D to advance our skincare line

We research the best high-performance ingredients and concentrations to create
superior formulations for a wide range of skin concerns. We understand the science behind plants: our formulas use plant based extracts as a base to deliver calming, purifying, softening and brightening properties.

Examples of ingredients we use as a base in our natural skin care

  • Aloe vera
  • Hydrosols
  • Botanical extracts (water/oil soluble extracts & fermented ingredients)
  • Butters/Oils
  • Clays

We use plants such as bamboo and neroli as a base, which renders their hydrating and firming benefits in the formula. To increase efficacy of our base formulas, our products are enriched with high-performance botanicals with proven efficacy. Examples of high-performance botanicals you will find in our skincare:

  • White Lupin extract
  • Arjuna extract
  • Quinoa Extract

Advancing our natural skincare with cosmeceuticals
What are cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are basically cosmetic actives. They are the performance ingredients that improve the appearance of the skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes, fade the look of scars and hyperpigmentation, prevent fine lines and
wrinkles, etc. Some cosmeceuticals can penetrate the upper layers of the skin to the deeper layers. Anti-oxidants, botanical extracts, brightening agents, growth factors, retinoids, chemical peels and peptides are great examples of cosmetic actives. These are the tried and true ingredients that are known to help improve problematic and acne prone skin. These ingredients' efficacy are often back by scientific or clinical studies as well.

If you are into cosmetic actives such as niacinamide, AHAs and vitamin C and like
to see them in your skincare, you will love Okoko formulations.

Here are some examples of cosmeceuticals that we use at Okoko:

  • Vitamin C
  • Retinoids
  • AHA & BHA
  • Niacinamide
  • Enzymes
  • Fermented ingredients
  • Prebiotics
  • Healing and soothing agents
  • Botanical extracts

The OKOKO Difference
We offer formulations that use an effective delivery system to increase results

Did you know that not all ingredients in your products will be effectively delivered
into the skin? Many cosmetic products do not offer a proper absorption or transport of the ingredients (especially cosmetic actives known to tackle issues) into the skin. This could affect the performance and efficacy of the products you use as the ingredients will remain on the surface of the skin and will not get absorbed. One of the biggest challenges for formulators and cosmetic chemists is ensuring a correct delivery of the high-performance botanicals and cosmetic actives added in their formulas. It has been discussed that a lot of ingredients have stability challenges that prevent from correctly delivering them into the skin.

This has inspired (cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dermatological) companies to
offer innovative cosmetic preparation using liposomes. Liposomes are used in
skincare to aid the transport of ingredients to the skin, improving their absorption
and efficacy. They also increase stability of ingredients. To get the ultimate results from your skincare products and your serums, it is recommended to use products that have been formulated in a way that they remain stable and use delivery systems that work to transport the actives and deliver their benefits efficiently to provide a better functioning product. Products with delivery systems such as liposomes can enhance absorption of cosmeceuticals thereby providing enhanced efficacy and generate enhanced product performance. As a result they may help to reduce the amount as well as the frequency of the application with increased performance.

This is how we formulate our skincare to provide a luxurious experience while
delivering professional results similar to beauty salons and high-end spas. This is
what makes Okoko products at the forefront of innovation in the green beauty
arena, our plants-based formulations combine the best of nature + science,
extensive R & D and effective delivery systems to ensure that you get the most out of the products that you are using.

The OKOKO Promise

Nature-derived, beautiful ingredients that are safe, devoid of concerns and
astonishingly effective. No controversial ingredients, cheap fillers, or exaggerated
claims in our skincare.

The OKOKO Cosmétiques formulations utilize high percentages of high-quality,
rare and precious ingredients derived from botanicals, scientifically proven to
benefit the skin and expertly blended to maximize the delivery and efficiency of
key actives. From botanical extracts to exquisite oils, the OKOKO range is rich in
high-performance ingredients carefully selected for their hydrating, brightening,
age-defying, anti-pollution, exfoliating and protective skin benefits.

We do not use water or cheap fillers as base ingredients in our luxury skincare

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