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Stockist Spotlight Interview with Genuine Selection - Germany

Stockist Spotlight - Genuine Selection + Okoko Cosmétiques 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Genuine Selection based in Germany about their online shop and inspiration for their brand. We invite you to read our interview below. 

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what inspired you to launch Genuine Selection?

My background had nothing to do with skincare or health - years ago i was working in the automotive industry. I was unhappy and hated what i did. But all things beauty and also taking care of my own health always interested me and it was my passion to talk about it. A few years ago i decided to change my life. I wanted to do what i was loving and not forcing myself to work everyday. I quit my job, moved to Berlin and had the chance to work for another green beauty online shop. I was the happiest girl in the world, learned a lot and knew that i never want to work in another industry rather than the natural beauty industry. When my husband and i decided to move to a small village near Frankfurt i desperately tried to find a job where i can still live my passion for natural beauty, inner beauty and wellbeing, but wasn’t successful. Jonas and i talked a lot about our future and we both knew that we want to have our own business one day. For me it was clear - let us launch our own online shop where we can offer gorgeous brands i personally loved before, but that aren’t directly available here in Germany yet. Jonas loved the idea and after only a few months 24/7 of work Genuine Selection was born.

My biggest inspiration was and still is my own passion. For me, my biggest dream came true and i am loving each and everything about Genuine Selection. I hope that our customers can feel that passion as well and i try to pass on my knowledge wherever i can.



Why Genuine Selection ?

To be honest, choosing a name was the hardest part. We wanted a name that’s expressing that we only carry brands / products we genuinely love and think that our customers shouldn’t miss. We want our customers to immediately feel that they only find the best selection of truly natural, authentic and effective products and that they can put their trust in us. We also wanted a name that was easy to pronounce, but we failed at this point. Our parents and some friends still don’t know how to pronounce it correctly ;). 

What brought you to green beauty? How did you get into natural skincare?

It all started when i was a teenager. Makeup and skincare always interested me a lot. I think it was my grandma who inspired me to take care of my body and how i looked. But back in the days i didn’t pay attention to what i was putting on my skin when it comes to ingredients. I just wanted to look good and how i felt using all of the products and if they were good for my health didn’t matter. One day, almost seven years ago, i stumbled across an online article, which was about how the beauty industry is misleading us, telling us that their new miracle product will change our skin forever, knowing that their products are full of nasty and harmful ingredients. At that time i was already taking more care of what i was eating and this article really opened my eyes. You have to take care of both - internal and external. Since that day i switched 100% to natural beauty products, and am constantly educating myself through books and articles until today. For me the switch wasn’t a slow process, i changed everything from one day to the other. Looking back this was the best decision i’ve ever made for my health, the animals, and our planet.

Can you tell us about your mission and what differentiates your store from others?

Our mission is to make gorgeous natural brands like Okoko accessible for our customers in Germany / Europe. That’s our main focus. And we also want to be the helping hand for our customers who want to make the switch from conventional to natural skincare / cosmetics.

How do you nurture your relationship with your customers?

For me it is important that our customers feel that they are in good hands when shopping at Genuine Selection. Our customers can ask us any questions and we really put a lot of time in making sure they’re getting the best advice and customer service they could wish for. We want our customers to feel good with their purchase decision, we want them to feel good when using the products we sell, we want them to see results. Therefore our main focus are in depth consultations. We also have many ideas for 2021 on how we can educate our customers even more.  

What do you enjoy must about what you do (what is the most rewarding aspect of your work)?

The most rewarding aspect is receiving e-mails from our customers, telling us how much they love their products and that they never experienced a customer service like ours before. It always puts a big smile on my face.

What is your must have product(s) in the Okoko line and why? (or name a product or 2 that is a best-seller/popular among your customers)

Definitely your Skin Brightening L’Élixir de Clarté. This lightweight serum changed my skin and i can see and feel a difference whenever i am using it. I use it in the evening and when i wake up the next morning my skin feels so much softer and is looking more bright and even. I love the watery texture and that it sinks into my skin without leaving a sticky feeling behind. Another favorite of mine, and also a favorite of our customers, is your Sublime Balm. My skin tends to be on the drier side and this mousse-like balm always deeply nourishes my skin. + it smells divine! Sometimes i just go to our bathroom to open the jar and smell on it. It is addictive. I also love to use it as a cuticle treatment in the evening. 

Do you have a favorite combination or routine to share with that product?

I like to mix a bit of Sublime Balm with any powdered mask we carry, which contain clays. Mixing Sublime Balm into it makes it more nourishing. Great tip if your skin tends to be dry, but you still want to enjoy a clay based mask. 

What criteria are important to you when considering new brands to bring into your shop?

For us it’s not important how big or well known a brand is - we focus on ingredients and if a product is actually showing results. We try to learn as much as possible about the founder / people behind a brand and i personally need to feel a connection to the brand / founder. If my gut feeling isn't 100% convinced we don't take on a brand.

How do you like to decompress? (Tell us how you make time for yourself, what is your self-care ritual like?)

Every evening i try to take at least 10 minutes to take care of myself in the bathroom. As a self-employed, mom (and mother of a very demanding dog) life is always busy and i am very structured throughout the day. But these 10 minutes in my bathroom, where i take care of my skin and myself - this is my sacred time. Also, what helps me a lot to clear my mind is running or sports in general. Being active really helps. Besides that i really like to spend some hours in my kitchen, cooking and prepping healthy meals and trying some new recipes. So being active, spending some time in my kitchen and a good beauty routine in the evening is all i need to decompress from a busy day.

Where and how can customers reach you?

Our customers can always contact us via our contact form or chat function on our website, via email ( or on Facebook and Instagram. We are always there to help. If you live in Germany, you can shop Okoko Cosmétiques at .