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The evolution of green beauty and more specifically Okoko Cosmétiques

The evolution of green beauty and more specifically Okoko Cosmétiques

Brand presentation/review by greenisthenewblack

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It is amazing to bear witness to the birth and evolution of an entire philosophy of self-care in the green beauty sphere.  I am so happy to have found a space that marries my hobby of playing beauty products with the substantive goal of contributing to the conservation and stewardship of the earth.  It’s a hard marriage- fraught with a shifting foundation and an amalgam of data that can leave one feeling overwhelmed.  Okoko Cosmétiques has managed to navigate the intrepid waters of the the ever-shifting "greenscape" and has emerged at the forefront of a beauty movement that will continue to thrive as we demand more sustainable earth-friendly practices and high-performing products.

I remember way back in 2016 when Okoko first caught my eye. I was entranced by the unique product line, at that time a modest five products. Here was the passion for natural ingredients fused with the fervor of innovation. I still remember my first purchase- The Sublime Balm and Les 16 Précieux. In 2019, these are re- and re-purchases. The line has doubled in size and has led the green beauty pack in terms of product development. Most natural and organic formulations at the time were fairly simple- combinations of oils and essential oils, a few hydrosols, and usually had more basic formulas with the same common natural ingredients. Okoko Cosmétiques blends have always struck me as unique- ceramides, bakuchiol, dragon’s blood; Okoko Cosmétiques has a vision and it’s of the future.

I love the concept because it’s a brand that is constantly pushing boundaries and is ever-evolving.  It leads the green beauty movement for It’s a higher end brand, and y’all know I’m all about accessibility, but I feel like this brand deserves a mention because it offers very high quality products, superior customer service, and peak innovation.  Not for nothing, it also offers incredible deals, where you can score free full-sized products, so if you shop smart, you can get the products at a more accessible price point. 

Review of L’élixir de Pureté, Sang du dragon Prestige Edition

Every night since I got my L’élixir de Pureté (Okoko Dragon's Blood serum), Prestige Edition, I have been using it.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that I am addicted to this product. First of all, I had the original white label version of this product. It was good. I enjoyed it. But it pales in comparison to the magic contained in this bottle. This is truly a sensory experience. This smells like chocolate dreams. The texture is just as heavenly. It soaks into the skin well and leaves my skin feeling so smooth. This formula is jam packed with actives such as niacinamide and glucosamine for hyperpigmentation, ceramides and beta-glucan for soothing and providing a humectant skin barrier, dragon’s blood for healing, vitamin c for brightening, pomegranate enzymes for exfoliation, and the combination of birch wood and willow bark for exfoliation and unclogging pores.

Lately, because I’ve been breaking out, I’ve been using the L’élixir de Manuka to smooth out existing pimples and prevent future ones.  This definitely has a lighter texture than the Les 16 Précieux, which I have been using for years.  L’Elixir de Manuka features more astringent and lightweight oils, which are better suited to oily and acne-prone skin.  Three such oils are black seed oil, seabuckthorn, and copaíba resin. I would say that the texture of this oil is drier and more matte as compared to the Les 16 Précieux formula. I’m liking how it works together with L’Elixir de Pureté to keep acne at bay. I do think that once the weather gets colder and drier, however, that I will need to switch back to my tried and trusted Les 16 Précieux.

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