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Oyeta Kokoroko Founder of Okoko Cosmétiques


Based in Vancouver, Canada, Okoko creates purposeful, results-driven skincare products powered by innovation, dedication and transparency. Okoko award-winning line offers visible results of the highest quality and is designed to nourish and enhance your well-being on a daily basis.

We deliver a complete range of products designed to provide maximum benefits while enveloping you in a delightful sensorial experience each and every time.

Founder Oyéta's vision creates sophisticated and multi-purpose skincare that hits all the high notes, results-driven, luxurious, stress-relieving with unparalleled efficacy.

OKOKO holds its research and development to the highest industry standards to bring you the most effective skincare solutions. Our uncompromising demand for quality and passion for excellence enable us to deliver high-performance formulations with amazing textures leading to luxurious indulgences that promote healthy, hydrated, and luminous skin.

" Using sustainably sourced and nourishing ingredients, we create potent skin solutions designed to offer you exceptional experiences intended to enhance your well-being and nourish your skin on a daily basis. The line contains everything you need to cleanse, rejuvenate and restore your youthful glow with quality products full of high-performance ingredients balanced with bright colours and delightful aromas. "

— Oyéta Kokoroko, Founder

Our Raison d'Être

Why We Exist

We design modern skincare for the modern lifestyles. Our mission is to create next-generation products that improve skin health and help our customers feel great inside and out. Our formulations harness the power of clean botanical ingredients and "cleanical" actives to achieve visibly radiant and clear skin for all skin types.

  • Clean and Clinical Ingredients


    Clean and Clinical Ingredients

    We believe nature and science can be synergetic. We combine the best of both worlds and marry potent premium plant actives with high-performance ingredients proven by science to effectively tackle frustrating skin concerns.

  • Making of Okoko Beauty Product


    Optimal Concentration and Encaspulated Delivery

    We believe ingredients matter, but the concentration and delivery method are just as important. Our ingredients are formulated in prime concentration and encapsulated so they reach deeper into the skin layer before being activated. This allows for more skin toleration to actives like niacinamide and helps to protect the ingredients from breaking down quickly.

  • Blue Berry


    Sustainable and Effective Ingredients

    We are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We also use upcycled ingredients that pack a punch against inflammation, dehydration, and proven to absorb blue light and work as a natural shield against HEV exposure from the sun and digital devices. In an absorbance city, our upcycled active oil was shown to absorb high-energy visible light at a 3% use level.

  • Product Formulations


    Artisanal and Sensorial Formulations

    We formulate our products with an artisanal approach, creating luxurious colors, textures, and aromas that appeal to all of your senses. We want you to have an indulgent beauty routine that gets you excited for the day and helps you unwind after a long day, while delivering transformative results.