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Age Reversal with White Lupin Extract

OKOKO Cosmétiques is driven by the vision to persistently research and innovate high-performance ingredients that when synthesized would offer an unparalleled experience for your skin. Our singular focus is to formulate products with superlative ingredients (ingredients that are unique, raw, and original) that offer comprehensive skincare results.

A firming active, white lupin (lupinus albas) extract, is another high-performance ingredient known for its anti-aging, remodelling, and firming properties. It restores the elastic properties of the skin and specifically targets skin areas that have become saggy and lost its tone and lustre.

White lupin is a wild plant that’s readily available in the US, Europe, Asia, Russia, and Ukraine. The entire lupin plant is regarded as a vital source of molecules that can be used for various cosmetic and nutritional products.

‘Lupeol’ is extracted from the seeds of white lupin. This protein rich ingredient stimulates the synthesis of a high quality collagen which provides elasticity and firmness to the dermis.

But how exactly does the white lupin extract work for our skin? Let’s dig in a little deeper and understand the technicality of how it works!

Lupine Peptides contain a blend of peptides that function as an MMP (Matrix Metalloproteinase) inhibitor. MMPs work to break down proteins such as collagen and elastin of the skin. This process becomes even more active after exposure to the sun.

So the Lupine peptides prevent the activity of MMP after the skin is exposed to sunlight. This in turn protects the collagen and elastin from getting damaged. It aids in renewing the outer layer of the skin, reducing wrinkle formation, and stimulating the production of more elastin and collagen. Thus, the skin looks younger, healthier, and radiant.  

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Author: Shobhita Menon