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Working A Step Up with Willow Bark Ferment

Even before we talk about willow bark ferment, let’s first understand what willow bark is and what it does for our skin and why we have selected it as a unique ingredient in our products!

What is it?

Willow bark is the natural alternative to the synthetic salicylic acid and it offers benefits similar  to salicylic acid (i.e., b-hydroxy acid) sans any irritating side effects.

What does it do for our skin?

Willow Bark extract exfoliates skin cells and helps in minimizing the appearance of pores. It helps in balancing excess sebum and maintaining skin’s oil production. Willow bark extracts are high in antioxidants that have astringent properties. They help in toning and calming inflammation. Plus, willow bark is very gentle and suitable for even sensitive skin types!

But…why fermented willow bark?

Fermenting ingredients increases their potency and facilitates absorption. The process increases efficacy, creating supercharged ingredients that are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. When willow bark is fermented, its anti-inflammatory effect becomes stronger and more effective on inflammation, acne and skin redness. This new active also provides increased hydration, delivering  a comprehensive skincare product for optimal face care.

At OKOKO, our philosophy is to provide skincare products with the most potent and bio-active nutrients; and our vision is to revolutionize and innovate our products to deliver the optimum benefits to your skin.

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Author: Shobhita Menon