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Radiance-Enhancing Luxury Beauty & Skincare 

Exude Radiance with  OKOKO eco-chic skincare line. We help women and men solve beauty concerns naturally. Our results-oriented natural skin care products allow you to enjoy an intimate beauty ritual revealing freshness, sophistication and a glowing skin. 
✔ We carefully select the finest natural, high-quality ingredients for your precious skin. 
✔ We make skincare that boosts radiance. 
✔ Raw, non-toxic, effective, cruelty-free, eco-chic. 
✔ Powered by botanicals, actives and essential fatty acids to give the results you want.
Made by hand with ❤ in Vancouver, Canada.
Feeling low on glow? An effective, natural beauty routine, such as using a deep cleansing face mask with antioxidants and key brightening ingredients like vitamin C, licorice and turmeric, can have a big, positive impact on skin resulting in a fresh and radiant complexion. Our brightening facial LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ (the beauty mud) is an innovative blend of gentle purifying clays, packed with raw, organic superfoods and anti-aging superstar vitamin C designed to renew and revive your natural beauty.
This natural skin care product is an innovative blend of 23 active ingredients including raw cacao, spirulina, chlorella, kelp algae combined with macadamia oil and soothing essential oils. LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ is a true powerhouse! It is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways such as: gentle facial treatment, natural exfoliant and spot treatment. No doubt this hero product will stand out in your super-simple, all natural skin care and beauty routine. Say hello to happy skin!


Founded in Montreal, Canada, OKOKO helps women and men solve their skin concerns naturally. We create products that help to detoxify the skin, give you a fresh look and minimize skin damage caused by pollution. We believe in intelligent formulations, meticulous craftsmanship & exceptional quality. OKOKO products are indulgent, but always reveal a visible beauty renewal. We invite you to enjoy creations of true value that are inspired by a very French-Canadian sense of style and made lovingly for our great eco-conscious community.