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The Ultimate Face Oil for a Perfect Complexion

by Oyeta Kokoroko 14 Mar 2016
The Ultimate Face Oil for a Perfect Complexion - Okoko Cosmétiques Official Site

Why are plant oils perfectly adapted to your skin needs?

Normally, skin is maintained in a healthy condition through nutrients supplied from a healthy well balanced diet. Unfortunately, in today's busy world many of use do not eat as well as we should.  The good news is plant oils are like food for your skin. They contain nourishing molecules your skin needs to be healthy and beautiful. Unlike many other ingredients, your skin can actually metabolize the fatty acids and nutrients in your face oil, which usually penetrates the upper layer of the skin, supplying nutrients and forming a thin, protective barrier.

A well-formulated face oil can easily replace your conventional creams and conventional (filler-rich) serums by providing your skin with the essential nutrients and molecules it needs to be healthy, protect the body from environmental stresses and look gorgeous. 

Whether you are concerned with dryness, fine lines, acne, scars etc., using a well-formulated face oil can provide: fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9, phytosterols, squalane, etc.), antioxidants, vitamins (e.g., vitamins A, D, E, K) anti-inflammatory and healing benefits, skin protection and skin repair, etc. It also helps to keep your skin moisturized.

If you want to try something made for you, Les 16 PRÉCIEUX ™ is OKOKO’s precious beauty oil to revive and bring glow. It is blended from 16 of the rarest and most efficient oils to enhance your skin's natural beauty. With a high concentration of active ingredients (organic unrefined prickly pear oil, marula oil, baobab oil, vitamin C + CoQ10, etc.), this silky-smooth dry oil nourishes, protects and helps provide a youthful glow.

Each drop of this bright orange treasure contains a powerful blend of plant-based active ingredients that will infuse your skin with the essential elements for its vitality and youthfulness.

Bring home our expertly formulated face oil Les 16 PRÉCIEUX  and enjoy a great luminous complexion. Your skin will thank you.

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Okoko Cosmétiques Official Site
Okoko Cosmétiques Official Site

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