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3 Effective Tips To Reduce The Appearance of Acne

Most of us know what it feels like to get an acne break out and they’re not fun and can often come at the worst times! There are many different reasons why one would get an acne breakout, but the main culprit and root cause of all acne is the excess of bacteria in our skin. Knowing this alone makes it important to keep our skin cleansed at all times which can prevent many acne breakouts. Here are three simple ways that you can help prevent acne by maintaining a clean environment for your skin.

1. Remove Makeup & Cleanse Skin Every Night

This is probably the most effective way to prevent acne. It's important to remove all the impurities that build up on our skin throughout the day such as pollution, dirt & oil. These impurities must be removed every night to prevent bacteria building up and clogging pores. It's even more important that if you wear makeup that you first remove your makeup and then do an overall cleanse of your skin. Leaving your makeup on overnight is one of the worst things you can do for your skins health.  It leaves a layer of dead skin and increases the rate at which bacteria grows which does not allow for proper skin regeneration overnight. Using gentle natural based cleansers are recommended as they will not dry out your skin yet effectively removes makeup and impurities while nourishing your skin and not cause dehydration. Natural oils like jojoba and coconut oil are great for removing makeup.

2. Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

If you wear makeup regularly and are using makeup brushes to apply it, you must clean your makeup brushes at least once a week to prevent acne and potential skin infections. Every professional makeup artist knows to do this to prevent spreading germs from client to client. Bacteria easily builds up on makeup brushes due to the accumulation of oils, dead skin and makeup residues. This is an area that is often overlooked but can be a huge game changer if you have acne prone skin. The longer you leave your brushes without cleaning your brushes, the more bacteria grows on the brushes and gets transferred onto your skin every time you apply your makeup.


The best way to clean your brushes is by using mild cleansers like natural unscented castile soap or natural baby shampoo. Do not use harsh detergents or soaps as they will damage the bristles.

Take all your brushes, wet them down and put a small dab of cleanser on every brush and individually cleanse.

Rinse them until all traces of makeup is removed. When done lay them flat overnight on a clean towel or cloth. You want to regularly use new brushes every 1-2 years depending on the condition that they are in and how well you cleanse them..

3. Wash Bedding & Switch to Silk/Satin Pillowcases

Our bedding can be one of the places we don't think can contribute to our acne, but if you're not regularly washing your pillowcases and sheets it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. As we sleep, we perspire and leave that on our pillow cases along with dead skin cells and oils from our hair. Every single night that you lay your head down you add more bacteria to the bedding and your face directly is exposed to that bacteria. This is why it is also important to go to bed with cleansed skin, but even more so to regularly wash and change your bedding. Cotton absorbs oils and it stays there which is why if you're using cotton, it is suggested more frequently.

Wash your bedding at least once a week and try not to share pillowcases with others in the household if possible. Lots of women and men have switched to using silk and satin pillow cases because it is more comfortable but also because it is healthier for you hair and skin. It doesn't have the same absorption factor as cotton so it is a more hygienic choice for bedding. That being said, it still has to be washed weekly.