April 23, 2019

Join our mailing list to be notified when we are live! Our mission is to empower and uplift other entrepreneurs by providing strategy, consultancy and mentorship for early and growth stage skincare business and start-ups. Okoko Academy teaches you how to build a profitable skincare business and make an impact with your brand. By taking this program, you will be able to launch your business in just a few months, you will know how to connect with retailers and increase your chances of getting stocked and thereby increase your revenue. You will learn how to shift your mindset to succeed in business and will  receive actionable advice you can apply right away to reach your goals. But most of all, you will be able to set yourself apart and grow a profitable skincare brand with a rock solid reputation.


The purpose of this new platform isn’t just selling business courses but to offer you genuine help and support. What I have to offer is actionable, solid information that you can apply right away to improve your business, shift your mindset and increase your revenue. This is not a program that will leave you hanging, frustrated or with loads of unanswered questions. My goal is to do quite the opposite. I’m here to offer you the chance to learn from someone who has successfully launched a skincare brand and built a thriving business.

The program will help you:

  • Determine your vision and what sets you and your brand apart
  • Inspire confidence in customers, retailers and potential investors
  • Build a popular and successful niche skincare brand with a loyal customer base

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