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The Connector

by Oyeta Kokoroko 23 Apr 2019
The Connector - Okoko Cosmétiques Official Site

Discover the Connector - An information source and online network for the green beauty industry.


The Connector is an information source and online network for the green beauty industry. So here's the vision: the hope is, the Connector will become a vital network of formulators, makers, bloggers, boutique owners, entrepreneurs and consumers who want to connect, exchange exciting ideas, engage in friendly discussion, and make new connections in the industry.

The inspiration is to create a site where we can support each other, share tips and tricks, and contribute to elevating the state of knowledge in our industry. Ultimately, the dream is to help green natural organic beauty to move from the fringe, to the mainstream and thus help people think about the effect of skincare and personal health (but also important elements like sustainability, environmental impact, waste reduction, etc.) and inspire brands to consistently deliver the highest quality products that are made safely.

The Connector is a resource-oriented platform where consumers, indie beauty entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs can go and get inspired, ask questions, learn, and network with like-minded people.

Check out the to learn more.

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Okoko Cosmétiques Official Site
Okoko Cosmétiques Official Site

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