Giving Back At Okoko Cosmétiques

Giving Back At Okoko Cosmétiques

Building a company culture founded on our core values (innovation, education, empowerment, excellence and giving back) is really important at Okoko Cosmétiques. Our initiative leverages the resources of our brand and our team to work together to do good around us. This is part of who we are, and has been since Okoko was founded.

Giving back is a strong motivation for us to continue to grow our business, so Okoko can support important initiatives and remain a force for positive social change. It focuses our business mindset to one of building a legacy that empowers others around us. We are a business with heart and know that it takes authentic, compassionate, and well-intentioned actions on a consistent basis to have the biggest impact.

How does Okoko Cosmétiques give back?

We choose to support causes that are dear to us and feel are affecting our communities directly.

 In the past, we have discussed issues such as human trafficking and poverty. Two organizations we have partnered with are The Joy Smith Foundation in the fight against human trafficking and Beauty Night Society, which provides women living in poverty with self-care and beauty services. 

Whether it’s through donations or direct volunteering, we believe that even the smallest contribution or action can affect someone’s life positively.

Our Mentorship program

We want to see other skincare and green beauty entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals as well! We have recently launched our new online courses which provides strategy, consultancy and mentorship for early and growth-stage skincare business start-ups. We support fellow indie beauty entrepreneurs in building and growing successful brands by offering them online courses, personalized consulting and coaching to business owners who need marketing and business support to pursue greater success. The next cohort will start in mid January. 

Our new scholarship Initiative: Empowering other entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their dreams

We offer a free scholarship to one aspiring beauty entrepreneur to enter our full Indie Beauty Business Mastery program and receive exclusive mentorship in order to build and grow a successful beauty brand. Additionally, Okoko offers internship opportunities every year to the best talents and motivated skincare entrepreneurs. Together we have learned so much about what it takes to run a great skincare business and want to provide effective tools and knowledge to others trying to achieve the same thing. We are currently taking applications for the January 2022 scholarships, and enrolment which starts January 15, 2022.

Check out our online courses, built to contribute to our mission, goals and vision to provide insightful information and empower our community here. As we grow, we will continue to help make a positive impact around us and to equip others to achieve greater success in their business and goals. Okoko is here to strengthen and empower others.