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Meet the Creator: Oyéta Kokoroko - Cosmetic Formulator & Product Designer

Meet the Creator:

Oyéta Kokoroko is an experienced formulator of eco-luxury cosmetics and a product designer. A few years ago, we did not see many high-performance, innovative skincare in green beauty (but rather very simple and often repetitive basic formulas). 

Inspired by innovation, R & D and being skilled at technical product formulation, she wanted to change things a bit and avoid the cliché formulas, to explore something "less seen" in green beauty: "high-level" formulas, that are more daring (with their ingredients), based on academic research and with beautiful textures and delicate scents.

At Okoko, she likes to use her skills, knowledge and expertise to create some of the finest, elevated green luxury skincare that delivers the ultimate performance and results. 

Oyéta is passionate about :

- R & D for natural cosmetics

- Product formulation

- Technical formulation

- Custom serums & high end facial skincare

- Personal care

- Preservation & cosmetic chemistry 

Oyéta's goal is to build an impactful brand that go way beyond just skincare. To deliver distinctive, signature Okoko products and world class formulations but also, while being conscious of the way her business can impact others. 

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