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Okoko Cosmétiques Summer Essentials

During the warm summer months our skin faces specific environmental elements such as increased sun exposure and pollution. We believe it’s really important to both protect your skin prior to environmental exposure and then to hydrate, soothe and treat and it afterwards to minimize negative effects such as hyperpigmentation, UV damage and dryness. 

It is equally important to protect your skin from pollutants such as smog and exhaust. More studies are being released that indicate the oxidative damage that both weather elements cause in combination with pollution. These combined factors can lead to increased dehydration, irritation, dullness, acne and premature aging of the skin, especially for those living in urban city areas.

We have chosen a collection of Okoko Cosmétiques Summer Essentials products to provide you the best products with targeted ingredients so you can take a proactive approach this summer season to provide your skin the best nourishment and protection.

Trésor Summer Mist:

Okoko Summer Mist is made to work together with your sunblock to protect your skin against UV damage. It boosts hydration, has a cooling effect and refreshes the skin, and most of all, it provides UV protection due to a combination of lycopene, edelweiss and Venuceane Microalgae. The very unique ingredient of Venuceane is surprisingly activated by sun and heat exposure! This essentially increases its ability to protect your skin from the sun effectively, which makes it a wonderful product to layer on top of your mineral sunscreen for optimal sun protection. 

This exquisite summer mist is also infused with a few drops of our elegant and seductive TRÉSOR signature scent.

How to use Trésor: It is wonderful to use throughout your day to refresh and protect your skin from environmental stressors. It can also be used to set your mineral makeup for a dewy radiant finish. Shake well before using and spray  liberally to face and body. 

L’Élixir De Pureté, Sang du dragon serum


This formula is designed for people seeking a natural advanced skincare routine. With a special combination of evidence-based functional ingredients such as organic beech tree bud extract (oxygenating + anti-aging), birch wood extract, vegetable ceramides and beta glucan (increase moisture), prebiotics (barrier protection against pollutants), and higher amounts of dragon's blood resin extract, willow bark extract and increased concentration of vitamin C. This advanced formula has been proven to provide the essential hydration, antioxidants and nutrients necessary for comprehensive anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and environmental defense all in one lightweight serum. 

How to use L’Élixir De Pureté, Sang du dragon serum:

When used both morning and evening you will see a notable improvement in suppleness, even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can use the product in your skincare routines layered underneath oils, creams and balms. Simply apply one pump of serum on clean skin twice a day for best results.  

The Sublime balm:

This beautiful orange whipped balm is the perfect summer skin treatment for post sun exposure. The delicious yet subtle scent of vanilla and orange is a summery sweet indulgence for your senses. Sublime Balm is made with an antioxidant-rich blend of rare and precious tomato oil rich in lycopene, shea and mango butters, fermented willow bark, pomegranate extract, astaxanthin and many other potent soothing soothing and softening ingredients. The nourishing qualities of this balm make it a perfect post sun balm to help reduce sun damage and to moisturize skin that has been exposed to UVA and UVB rays and makes your skin baby soft when applied in the evening layered on top of your serums and face oils. If you have experienced a sunburn it will speed up recovery and immediately reduce the discomfort.

How to use Sublime:

To moisturize, repair, highlight: A little goes a long way. Smooth about 1/3 pea size of balm between your palms and fingertips, then gently massage onto dry skin (face and neck) or press palm all over your face for 40-60 seconds. Useall over the face, neck, and décolleté as needed.

To use as a cleanser you can mix with a small amount of water to create a milky emulsion and massage directly onto the skin to remove dirt and impurities.

This summer exude radiance by choosing to use the Okoko Summer Essentials to provide your skin the best that nature has to offer to optimize the health of your skin and reduce damage caused by environmental elements. Shop our collection here.