Our Consulting Services

Private Consultation

Now available, private consultation with CEO Oyéta Kokoroko. After launching and growing her own brand from the ground up, Oyéta now offers one-to-one consulting for beauty entrepreneurs who need a little bit of extra help to recognize and jump hurdles and break down common barriers in your business.

We will start with an in-depth call to learn about your niche, challenges, and goals with your brand. You will receive actionable insights to help you build a strategy plan to successfully launch your brand or elevate your current one.

You will receive feedback and a strategic plan to implement.

Whether you are just about to launch or have already launched, book your one-on-one consulting session today to receive support and actionable insights to help you make an impact with your business with more confidence.

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Custom Formulation & Formulation Development

Creating formulations that deliver is essential to succeed in a fast paced and fast evolving industry.

We design custom, effective & results-driven formulations that are profitable for professional boutiques, spas and indie beauty brands who desire to make their mark in the industry by working with an award-winning brand & experienced cosmetic formulator.

Allow us to help you create superior natural, results-driven skincare products that will help you make your mark in the industry. Please note that we strictly offer custom & white labelling services, but do not offer contract manufacturing.

Build your business today with our luxury custom formulations services.

Book a quick discovery call to discuss your project and receive a quote.

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Brand Differentiation Consultation

Do you need help to differentiate your brand and set yourself apart in a competitive market? Our brand audit includes an in-depth assessment of your brand, product line, and a private interview with us to learn more about your vision so we can help you to make it a reality.

We will provide recommendations to help you set yourself apart:

  • Differentiate your brand
  • Define your vision for your brand
  • Communicate your values more clearly
  • Find your niche and market that's right for you
  • Discover powerful differentiation strategies that you can apply to your business

This includes: 2 hours consultation, 1 hour follow up, a detailed pdf of your brand story and actionable steps to build a memorable brand and communicate your message effectively.

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Formulation Assistance

Are you looking for formulation assistance, support to re-formulate an existing product or expert feedback for a product in development?

At Okoko, we have built a strong reputation as innovators in the natural industry and our 25 awards speak for themselves.

We are known for our formulation expertise, ingredient knowledge, and commitment to research and development.

We can help you re-formulate, improve and elevate your formulations and launch luxurious products that will be distinctive, memorable and that will excite your customers.

This includes one-on-one feedback and brainstorming session with Oyéta and feedback from real life customers so you can launch products that sell and that can win you awards with confidence that your customers will love it.

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E-Book: How To Decode Your Cosmetics Labels

Learn how to demystify cosmetic labels and understand what you are buying with this eBook created for today’s general beauty consumer. In “How to Decode Cosmetic Labels” author Oyéta Kokoroko provides you with the knowledge and tools to learn the language of cosmetics and select the right products for you.

Reading this book will increase your understanding of the cosmetic industry and help you to avoid green washing by understanding you labels. You will gain confidence in what you buy without having to rely solely on marketing claims of any cosmetic company.

If you are a DIYer or beginner formulator, this will increase your knowledge about product formulation and what makes up a product (different categories). At the end of the book, included is a list of common ingredients that are often found in your personal care formulations and how they are typically used. Buy now to learn more.

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