Okoko Research and Development in Advanced Natural Skincare

OKOKO aims to stay at the forefront of advancements and pioneering in the green beauty industry by continually formulating innovative high-end beauty products that are multi-purpose and a joy to use. 

Natural & Organic

+ Natural & organic sustainable ingredients, no fillers

+ Fresh and premium botanicals

+ Well-researched innovative botanicals


+ Superior formulations

+ In-depth research and development

+ Plant-based extracts that deliver calming, purifying, softening, clarifying and brightening properties


+ Next-level skincare

+ Combination of results-oriented ingredients in ideal concentrations

+ Extensive Research & Development (R & D)


+ Made with multi-fonctional botanicals with proven efficacy

Enriched with cosmeceuticals (also known as cosmetic actives like AHA's, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Ceramides & Retinol)

+ Examples of high-performance botanicals: White Lupin, Arjuna, Bakuchiol and Quinoa extract

Effective Delivery Systems

Did you know that not all ingredients in your products will be effectively delivered into the skin?

That is why Okoko products are formulated in a way to increase absorption of all your precious ingredients 

 We use liposomes (encapsulated ingredients) in our skincare to aid the transport of the precious molecules to the skin, improving their absorption and efficacy

Encapsulation helps to improve not only delivery, but the stability of ingredients as well (encapsulated ingredients don't degrade as quickly as non encapsulated ingredients)

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