Meet Oyéta Kokoroko
Founder & CEO
Oyéta Kokoroko
Cosmetic Formulator
I am an experienced, professional cosmetics formulator and entrepreneur. I founded Okoko Cosmétiques and OKOKO Academy , two platforms that promote the pursuit of inspiration, passion, knowledge and excellence. An eternal learner and researcher-at-heart, I am constantly looking for innovative solutions to problems. My Okoko line offers advanced skin care that indulges the senses and reveals a majestic radiance...

The journey

Educating myself on how the products we use are made turned out to be a revelation. Learning from my studies in holistic nutrition, botanical medicine and organic cosmetic science, drove me to become more serious and conscious
about the quality of products I was putting on my skin, and the overall effects they had on my health.

On my journey from enthusiastic self-educator to fervent, qualified skincare formulator, I enrolled in diverse, reputable, skincare formulation schools before creating Okoko Cosmétiques, a Canadian-based skin care line that uses exquisite, socially conscious, organic ingredients that are ethically grown and gathered from around the globe.

With Okoko Cosmétiques, I have brought my dreams to life. I wanted to build a recognized, credible green luxury brand that offers evidence-based and intelligent formulations that go beyond just natural and actually surpass their mainstream equivalents. All while doing good and empowering others.

From start-up to successful green indie beauty brand
Okoko Cosmétiques is a self-funded initiative that is growing organically. Being self-made is a hard road, but Okoko’s growth so far leads me to believe that everything is possible.

Moreover, being directly involved in, and responsible for, every aspect of my business has given me a wealth of experiences to draw upon: intensive research on ingredients and clinical trials, formulating from scratch, the manufacturing process as a makeras well as a formulator (e.g., there are many ways to make a balm, and I have discovered a variety of techniques by working hands-on), navigating wholesale agreements, connecting with stockists, handling contracts, customer service, marketing, international commerce and more.

Having been the driving force behind every aspect of my brand, I understand beauty entrepreneurship from many angles.

A new era of green luxury skincare
In conventional beauty, companies often aim for the lowest production costs, producing fillers-rich products that are marked-up to luxury prices. My goal is to up-end the conventional luxury market by offering only the finest formulations to our discerning customers while ensuring genuine value for the money spent.

Indeed, what sets Okoko Cosmétiques apart is our ingredient knowledge, formulation expertise, and commitment to research and development.

I choose not to use water as a base ingredient in our formulas (which is common to reduce production cost). Quite the opposite in fact: Okoko Cosmétiques formulas are loaded with vital antioxidants and treatment molecules, whether derived from plant extracts, essential oils, or multi-functional high performance botanicals. I am fascinated by the healing molecules found in plants in general and love using them in my skincare.

Each product delivers maximum value: potent with no fillers and offering unparalleled performance.

I invite you to shop and discover my skincare line here.
The Connector & OKOKO Academy
The last few years, I had one of the most amazing experience of my life running and managing the Okoko Cosmétiques brand. I have learned important lessons such as the challenges of formulating and making skincare, what goes into a product, cosmetic chemistry, how to work with suppliers and understanding what they are selling to us.

This experience gave me confidence and valuable insight that I want to share with you on Theconnectorblog. The Connector is an information source and online network for the green beauty industry. Check out some of my articles below...
OKOKO Academy
OKOKO Academy is an entrepreneurial-focused platform that provides strategy, consultancy and mentorship for early and growth stage skincare business and start-ups.

We help indie beauty entrepreneurs elevate their business by offering mentorship, one-on-one coaching, internship and online courses. Learn more about what we offer at OKOKO Academy here .