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Meet Oyeta

Meet the creator - Oyeta Kokoroko 

" I want to help savvy, eco-conscious women (from all cultures) to solve their skin concerns by using effective, natural products that produce visible results. " Oyeta, Founder

Oyeta is the young and innovative expert skincare formulator who founded OKOKO Cosmétiques out of a desire to offer youth preserving cosmetics that deliver top results. After years of studies in holistic nutrition, botanical medicine and organic cosmetic science, she decided to be a little innovative and conceive exquisite spa facial treatments to indulge the mind and skin. Her initial goal was to create the ultimate luxury experience that is aesthetic, indulgent and above all reviving. Oyeta’s passion created a complexion enhancing facial range that satisfies the need to be naturally beautiful, while being responsible to our great eco-conscious Canadian community. She loves designing products that are effective yet sumptuous, beautifully conceived and formulated, and add a sense of well-being to people’s lives.

My Story
What made you start Okoko?

My journey began while seeking a natural solution to my skin problems. So, I started reading food labels, skincare labels and researching ingredients. This led me to become more serious about the quality of products I put into my body and on my skin.

When I realized it is common for the cosmetics industry to use neutral and inexpensive ingredients, such as filler ingredients, petroleum-derived waxes and silicones, which often make up 85 % of a cosmetic product, I was completely disappointed. I understood why those products did no favours to my skin and why there were no apparent benefits for me.

My quest to find natural solutions for achieving clear, fresh looking skin became a passion and I eventually upgraded from self-taught skincare formulator to certified expert skincare formulator by intensive study with different reputable schools. My initial goal was to conceive: fresh, high-performance skincare using premium, natural and whenever possible, organic ingredients that work. Mission accomplished. 


When we founded Okoko Cosmétiques, my partner and I wanted to help solve beauty issues while supporting slow "beauty" and beauty with a "conscience". We believe in using a few simple but powerful, all-natural skincare products in our beauty routine. We support fair trade and work with suppliers from all over the world. Also, we are listed on PETA’s website as a vegan and cruelty-free company. Our face oil ‘LES 16 PRÉCIEUX is rated 0 clean by Think Dirty company. Think Dirty is an app that helps you to make informed choices on your personal care products and to shop clean. We are proud to be among a new generation of green indie beauty brands that allow you to rely on pure, natural, effective alternatives that produce results and rival conventional products on the market. I truly hope you enjoy OKOKO products which we make with love and great care for you. Health, beauty and love! Oyéta,

My mission is to help savvy, eco-conscious women to solve their skin concerns by using effective and healthy products that can be enjoyed in those rare, precious peaceful moments & doing good by offering economic opportunities to eco-entrepreneurs and women-lead initiatives. My skincare line is created using exquisite, socially conscious ingredients gathered from around the globe. Read more about our social engagement, social responsibility and giving back here