What sets us apart?

Recognizing the skincare benefits of botanical ingredients is at the heart of OKOKO Cosmétiques. Through our research, product development and personal commitment, we create purposeful, results-driven luxury skincare products powered by innovation, dedication and transparency.

Our uncompromising demand for quality and passion for excellence enable us to deliver high-performance formulations with amazing textures leading to luxurious indulgences that promote healthy, hydrated and luminous skin.

Driven by innovation

Setting a luxurious standard in the green beauty arena, OKOKO Cosmétiques continues to formulate revolutionary luxury natural skincare products that offer visible results of the highest quality.

OKOKO holds its research and development to the highest industry standards to bring you the most effective skincare solutions. Through rigorous testing and continual improvement, we deliver a complete range of skincare products designed to provide maximum benefits while enveloping you in a delightful sensorial experience each and every time.

The OKOKO Promise

Nature-derived, beautiful ingredients that are safe, devoid of concerns and astonishingly effective. No controversial ingredients, cheap fillers, or exaggerated claims in our skincare.

The OKOKO Cosmétiques formulations utilize high percentages of high-quality, rare and precious ingredients derived from botanicals, scientifically proven to benefit the skin and expertly blended to maximize the delivery and efficiency of key actives. From botanical extracts to exquisite oils, the OKOKO range is rich in high-performance ingredients carefully selected for their hydrating, brightening, age-defying, anti-pollution, exfoliating and protective skin benefits.

We do not use water or cheap fillers as base ingredients in our luxury skincare products.

Our artisanal skincare

At Okoko Cosmétiques, we dedicate ourselves to developing our own formulas and crafting our own products which allows us to control the making process from start to finish. Okoko products truly are from our hands to yours. Handcrafted by artisans trained and dedicated to the art of making luxury skincare using exclusive and premium ingredients.

In this way, our highest standards for quality are met and your experience from unboxing our products to waking up the next day and seeing glowing results on your skin is a luxurious and unsurpassed experience, every day.

We worry about the details, safe dosage limits, health and safety, quality control and keep abreast of the research so you can confidently indulge in Okoko skin treats. Products are made in small batches and are shipped fresh from our studio.