OKOKO Gives Back
Interview with Natalia Lavaggi & Joy Smith Foundation
Okoko Cosmétiques has partnered with The Joy Smith Foundation as a part of the Okoko Gives Back initiative. Natalia sat down with Miss Tara Teng who is the director of operations in British-Columbia to discuss more in depth about human trafficking and to shed light on this national crisis in Canada and internationally.
Okoko Cosmétiques is grateful to be able to give back and share our
heart with this Foundation as partners. We hope that you can team up
with us and our proud partners The Green Jungle Beauty Shop and Aurora Beauty and share your support as well by purchasing the Trésor Body Cream as 100% of proceeds will go to the foundation directly. There’s so much we can do to be the change we want to see and this is just the beginning.

To learn more about this organization, you can visit:
Volunteering at Beauty Night Society
" Dignity for all women "
We have began our Okoko Gives Back movement by volunteering for the Beauty Night Association earlier this week. This is a wonderful Vancouver-based
organization that helps to encourage and uplift women and youth living
in poverty by providing complimentary makeovers and hosting life skills
workshops to the community.
Our colleague Natalia gave to the lovely ladies a complimentary Okoko facial and shared some Okoko skincare treats for them to take home. It really was a wonderful experience to connect with the women, listen to their stories and just be a vessel for love. Most of the women who attend Beauty Night don’t have the opportunity to receive self care on a regular basis or have anybody take the time to pamper them, so to bring a smile and some laughter to them while relaxing and enjoying a facial was very touching.
Learn more about how Beauty Night builds self-esteem and changes lives of women by visiting http://beautynight.org
Okoko Opening Night (in Vancouver, Canada)
Sneak peek at our exclusive event with Miss Canada 2012
OKOKO Opening Party was such a success! So many wonderful people came out to share their support for the brand. We began the night by sharing our brand mission, philosophy and values to everyone and invited them to discover our product by testing and trying our skincare products and engaging with the team!

The feedback we received was very positive and we feel so blessed to have L’Atelier OKOKO officially open to the public as we look forward to creating a hub for beauty, wellness and entrepreneurship. There’s so much in store for 2019 and we can’t wait to unveil our plans as we begin the new year upon us!

Special thanks to Miss Canada 2012, Miss Tara Teng who came to speak about the Joy Smith Foundation and how the work they do is helping to bring more awareness about human trafficking in Canada.