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Want to learn how to build a profitable beauty brand and set yourself apart? Reinforce your brand image and improve the sales of your products? Then Register for the Okoko Online Courses and Program.

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Introduction to The Okoko Online Courses

  • Grow your brand

    learn to set yourself apart

    Find your niche and market that's right for you. Learn how to set yourself apart with your product line, branding, mission and goals. Learn how to tell a compelling story and communicate your values to customers. Learn how to monetize all your skills & build a rock-solid reputation in the industry.

  • Increase your sales

    Learn how to innovate your line

    Learn how to find your style as a formulator/creator and set yourself apart. Learn R & D and advanced formulation tips. Discover some of the best products on the market and why they are popular. Learn how to get feedback from customers. Learn 10 trusted influencers' approach to product reviewing.

  • Make an impact

    learn how to cultivate a healthy mindset

    Learn why building a strong entrepreneurial mindset is important for your business and those around you. Learn how to keep a strong mindset when encountering setbacks. Learn how to surround yourself with the right people and find mentors. Learn how to communicate your personal passions, values and vision in a powerful way.

  • Become the next success story

    learn how 7-figure brands achieve & sustain their growth with digital marketing

    Learn how to create websites/funnels for beauty brands which convert users into customers. Learn how you can use this 1 type of traffic source to grow your business to six or seven figures. Learn the top errors to avoid wasting money running digital marketing campaigns. Learn how to optimize your digital marketing to create optimal results.

“"I am grateful to Oyéta, Natalia, and the Okoko brand crew for this mentorship program. This program came when I was almost giving up on my brand as I thought I was not good enough and should not be involved in skincare. I believe now more than ever that I am meant to do this and nothing will ever make me give up!"

- Kenny Abiola, AmberJ

Learn with OKOKO: Discover Our Courses

Created by beauty entrepreneurs for beauty entrepreneurs. Our online courses and programs will provide you with proven strategies and tips that will boost your business and get you results.

Our online courses will help you to

  • Unlock your Potential & Build a Strong Mindset

  • Become the Next Success Story & Build Rock A Solid Reputation

  • Innovate Your Line & Make your Mark in the Beauty Industry

  • Learn How to Create E-commerce Websites Which Convert Users to Customers

  • Learn How To Attract Retailers & Cosmetic Buyers Of Large Brands
Our mentorship program is designed for you if :
  • You are an aspiring beauty entrepreneur and you want to learn how to turn your passion into a profitable business and grow your brand
  • You want to learn how to differentiate yourself and become memorable
  • You want to learn how to grow your sales and work with retailers
  • You want to learn from qualified mentors & an inspirational award-winning beauty brand
  • You want to get inspired by an inspirational brand built on excellence & is paving the way in the green beauty space

Why learn with Okoko?

We teach you how to build a profitable skincare business and make an impact with your brand. We provide you with hard-to-find business insights & actionable advice you can apply right away to transform your business.

By enrolling with Okoko, you will learn how to shift your mindset to succeed in business and will receive actionable advice you can apply right away to reach your goals. But most of all, you will be able to set yourself apart and grow a profitable skincare brand with a rock-solid reputation.

Oyéta Kokoroko

CEO & Founderof Okoko Cosmétiques

Oyéta Kokoroko is a Canadian entrepreneur, mentor and author for natural skincare. She is the Founder & CEO of Okoko Cosmétiques & House Of Brands, an award-winning and high-performance natural skincare brand based in Vancouver.

Oyéta founded her brand back in 2016 and it was her first business and first launch that was self-funded. Through perseverance, determination and drive, she built and grew a skincare business that was launched in many countries leading to strategic partnerships with international retailers, a growing team of 5 members, a marketing team and seven figures in revenue generated. Oyéta's award-winning creations were featured in Forbes, Elle, Fashion Magazine, Huffington Post, Vancouver Magazine, Vancouver Sun and many more.

Discover what makes or breaks best selling products

Learn systems & processes behind a 6 figure brand

Discover powerful beauty marketing strategies

Learn to position your brand for success in the competitive beauty market

Double, triple or quadruple your revenue by learning from an award-winning beauty brand

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After successfully completing our program, you will be able to:

  • Build A Differentiating Brand & Set Yourself Apart

  • Improve monthly sales figures

  • Boost your brand with effective marketing strategies

  • Build a rock-solid reputation in the industry quickly

  • Transform your mindset, transform your business & so much more

Trusted by talented Beauty Brands & Creators

  • Pure Heart Essentials
  • Krivee
  • Creation Skin
  • Fifty 7 Kind
  • Amber J
  • Glory Scent
  • Purely Mei
  • Neo Naturelle

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