1- " After seeing Natalia at the Eco Diva Beauty pop-up shop, I was led to start using the Purifying Facial, the brightening AHA serum, and les 16 Precieux facial oil. I've been using these three products regularly for a couple weeks now, but the serum and oil everyday especially, and since I've started using them I have not gotten a single breakout! In addition to that, my skin is far less sensitive, it's smoother, and the discoloration in my fair skin from previous breakouts is disappearing as well. I've never been so happy to see this change because I thought this was going to be something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life! I'm not sure what it is in your products that has altered my skin in such a dramatic way, but it's truly a mini miracle for me. For the first time in as long as I can recall, I feel comfortable not concealing my skin with anything prior to leaving home! I cannot thank you enough for creating something so pure and perfect, as it really has changed my life and I'm certain I'm not the only one." - JORDAN (customer)


2- "L'Elixir de Clarté is so amazing!!! I got some from Natalia last weekend and can already notice a difference ❤❤❤❤❤ " - KAVISHA (customer) 

3- "I started first with the Elixir de Clarté serum which I really enjoyed, especially since I have breakouts in my chin area. It seems to have controlled breakouts, and it's very gentle, my skin loves it. I recently included La Boue de beauté now, and I'm thrilled. It's a powerhouse! I also like to mix it with a face oil sometimes. it's just incredibly versatile." - LIZ of Smells Like A Green Spirit 

4- "First of all, I just adore the name “the beauty mud” and this is an amazing face mask! I’m much more of a fan of the gentler, brightening masks because I find that my skin can handle masking with them more often. It’s not exactly moisturizing because it’s still a drying clay mask, but with the addition of moisturizing ingredients it won’t make your skin feel like you stripped it of all life. It’s such a joy to mask with and it does indeed leave my skin looking brighter and also feeling smoother." - MERCY of Greenbymercy 

5- "Les 16 Precieux is a serum containing 16 precious oils and extracts, some of which are marula, rosehip, carrot maceration, seabuckthorn, prickly seed oil etc. that are supposed to help fade scars, age spots and blemishes. This I actually got to really put to test, since my toddler accidentally scratched a chunk of skin off my face. I've been using this combination Les 16 Précieux + Elixir de Clarté, plus a more concentrated dab of the serum alone on the scratch. It has healed and faded surprisingly quick, so I'm super impressed. In addition, the color and scent is just exquisite. I can honestly say this is the most luxurious feeling oil I have used to date. Huge thumbs up to Okoko Cosmetiques.  - ANNIE of Nourished Beauty


6- "Think Moroccan Royalty marries French Royalty to secure the throne. This uber luxurious green beauty line has everything you need to revive your skin in 4 products. Rare, potent and soothing ingredients will transform your skin and literally turn back the hands of time. I am a avid supporter after using for one month." CHARLENE of TheEcodiva

7- Les 16 Precieux Ultimate Oil Serum

" I absolutely love the deep orange colour and smell of this oil which is soft yet I have noticed it become deeper as time goes by! This tells me right away that it is rich in active nutrients. Les 16 Precieux also contains Argan oil, Sea buckthorn, Rosehip and Prickly Pear Seed-which just so happens to be the most precious oil in the beauty world! The abundance of nutrients in this oil is almost unparalleled. This is a must for me as I have oily/combination skin that doesn't like oily or greasy finishes. It's truly like a dry oil that provides the glow we all strive to have and overtime helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. I've been using it both morning and night and I am absolutely thrilled with it! I am very picky about results and I can see that this oil really works. My skin feels nourished and supple. It leaves a soft satin finish. Everyone I have used this on including myself has absolutely loved the look and feeling obtained upon using this exquisite oil." - NATALIA of NaturallyNatalia 

 8- "Bonjour Oyeta, je veux simplement te remercier de tout coeur pour toutes les petites attentions lors de la réception du colis. J’ai hâte d’essayer les cadeaux, ça semble vraiment sublime. Et on petit mot écrit à la main était très touchant. Et merci de créer des produits de qualité, biologiques et au Québec en plus :). Au plaisir de prendre contact avec toi pour de futures commandes produits de grande qualité et entièrement naturels." Un de mes coups de coeur! L'élixir de clarté m'a tout de suite séduit. Dès que je l'ai appliqué sur ma peau, j'ai tout de suite constater plus de douceur et de luminosité. Côté odeur, c’est mon préféré!! Je suis totalement accro :) Merci Okoko!" - LOUISE (Customer) 

9- "J'aime les produits de beauté. Je suis ravie d'avoir découvert une alternative de produits de grande qualité et entièrement naturels. Présentement, j'utilise la collection complète. Je fais partie des gens qui en raffolent. Okoko Cosmétique, une marque de produits à essayer sincèrement. C'est super!!!" - SONIA (Customer)

10- "Wow, beaux produits, belle compagnie, et merveilleuse fondatrice. Tu es professionnelle, tes produits sont haute gamme et de qualité. J’adore les emballages et la qualité bio de tes produits. Merci mon amie !" - MARIE-MAUDE (Customer)

*Individual results may vary.