Why work with us?

  • We provide a line of innovative, result-oriented, world class distinctive formulations that has gained international notoriety
  • We are a critically acclaimed brand that has won 25 beauty awards within the green beauty industry in 2019 and 2022
  • We are a strong, impactful and influential beauty brand with international customers & fans
  • Our retailers benefit from strong brand affiliation & exposure with high end customers
  • We offer amazing stockist’s incentives including complimentary products, PR, collaboration, and exclusive product creation for our best retailers
  • We are revenue positive & are rapidly scaling up with healthy profit margins for our retailers
  • We offer ongoing marketing support & customized strategies to our stockists (including multimedia content, educational content, design, merchandising & product training)
  • We offer ongoing product knowledge & education to increase sales and build confidence with customer inquiries
  • We are team of green beauty experts & retail professionals who strongly value exceptional work ethics & customer service
  • We work with ethical suppliers that do not conduct animal testing and are cruelty-free
  • We work with esteemed artists and creatives for our multimedia content which you gain access to
  • A BIPOC woman-owned brand that is multiculturally inclusive
  • We provide networking through Okoko House Of Brands & offer exclusive business mentorship

Admission requirements

  • Must be in business for at least 2 years
  • Must demonstrate positive annual sales & future sales goals
  • Must have a strong marketing strategy for high-end brands
  • Must have a clear communication strategy
  • Strong social media presence & engagement
  • Existing relationships with key influencers in the green beauty sector
  • Must carry at least 2 other luxury brands with a similar price range
  • Professional branding & online presence required
  • Must have positive customer referrals and testimonials

Apply to become a Wholesale Partner