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My TRÉSOR experience by Justine (@pe.pi.tes)

by Okoko Cosmétiques 13 Feb 2018
My TRÉSOR experience by Justine (@pe.pi.tes) - Okoko Cosmétiques Official Site

Have you tried OKOKO TRÉSOR set yet? We are excited to re-introduce you TRÉSOR, exclusively for February. Discover darling Justine's experience using this exquisite set. Photo credits Justine @pe.pi.tes.

Exactly on year ago I fell in love with Okoko’s beautiful smoothing body scrub and since then it is a huge love story with this range and brand. So it is a true honor for me to collaborate with Oyéta and Okoko Cosmétiques on this special Valentine’s Day edition 2018.

Trésor smoothing body scrub is a real little treasure in every sense of the word - texture, scent and efficiency are at the rendezvous. I like to use it sparingly - a bit like a luxurious ritual to do when you have a moment of « me-time". The texture is very nice, I was expecting something that looks like traditional black soap but not at all, it is more of a mousse with small grains - very smooth and pleasant to apply on the skin. However, in order to accentuate the scrubbing side, I strongly advise to apply it with a glove (type kessa mitt). The fragrance is warm, floral and sensual, definitely feminine! The skin is soft and delicately scented. A real moment of pure happiness. A body + perfume oil accompanied this limited edition and as soon as I applied it I only had one wish: that it will be added to the Trésor range… It happened a few month later and I was really excited.


The shimmering body oil is so luxurious and precious - The scent is the same as the smoothing body scrub intoxicating, sensual and definitively feminine with notes of neroli, amber and vanilla (and a proprietary natural perfume blend). I must admit that I mainly use it as a perfume and love to add a drop in my hairs just to be able to sniff the scent all day long. So easy to fall in love, Trésor is truly irresistible. Try it for yourself and be prepared to love the results!

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